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Thread: Activating an iPad 3G SIM without an iPad

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    Excellent tutorial Z0RrO!

    Wish I hadn't broke my iPhone last week.

    A couple questions:
    Did you use a Bell iPad mirco-SIM (with adaptor) or a regular SIM? The reason I ask is I'm trying a regualar bell SIM with various HSPA sticks/cards and it won't even connect until the SIM is activated.

    Do you happen to know what the APN your using to access the site (before switching to

    I assume you activated over the 3G network? Using that link over any other connection gets you:
    Sorry Unfortunately this service is not available, please try again later.

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    I used the Bell iPad micro-SIM. I made my own adaptor. Use this tutorial to make you own adaptor.
    Using a Micro SIM in an iPhone 3G | Hijinks Inc.

    When I activated the micro-SIM card using firefox with an iPad user agent. Refer to this tutorial to activate your iPad sim card with a iPad user agent.
    Activating an iPad 3G Micro SIM without an iPad | Hijinks Inc.

    When using the iPad user agent, you will spoof the web server to pretend you are an iPad browsing the web page. You might also want to install the Firefox plugin 'WebDeveloper' because the render of the page will be ugly (because the web page is optimize for an iPad and not for your Firefox). You will have to all CSS styles using 'WebDeveloper' in other to view the web page in a flat manner.

    To disable CSS style, using the 'WebDeveloper' plugin, go in CSS->Disable Styles->All Styles

    Hope it helps!

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    Anyone care to share the first 8 digits of their IPad IMEI?
    Go to 'Settings','General','About'

    I found the first 5 digits: 84 555
    How to find iPad IMEI, ICCID & serial number

    You can check your IMEI here:

    If we have the first 8 digits, you can pick another random 6 and use an online IMEI checksum calculator for the 15 digit.

    Found it!
    TAC (first 8 digits of IMEI) for the american IPad: 84 555 200
    TAC Datenbank / TAC database

    I tried generating a IMEI with a random 6 digits and entering it in this calculator:

    The 15 digit IMEI doesn't seem to work in the numberingplans database, but it might not be up to date.

    The calculator seems to work with the same NOKIA randoms calculated here:
    Imei Generator in Javascript

    And these work with the numberingplans DB.

    This would be handy for registering for IPAD data plan without having an actually IPad.
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    You can go to any Apple store or any retailer to obtain an iPad IMEI.

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    Bought a Bell micro-SIM and still na-da.

    I tried google Chrome with iPad user agent string and Firefox with iPad user agent string. Double checked the string at: - Netscape version 4.0
    Everything looks good.

    I tried connecting with various unlocked HSPA aircards and sticks. The connection managers shows the SIM is inserted correctly but doesn't show Bell as the carrier. It works fine with my Rogers Blackberry SIM and APN

    I tried all the Bell APNs I could find.

    I'm pretty sure the SIM card has to activated before you can get on the network.

    Z0RrO, did you connect to the Bell activation page on their 3G network?

    I tried various IMEIs in the address, including a legit iPad and a iPhone IMEI.

    I've been getting the same lame page for a few days now:
    Unfortunately this service is not currently available, please try again later.
    Does anyone know what the initial APN the IPad uses before switching to

    All the IPads I've seen in the store are WiFi only FYI.


    I had a look though the Bell plist file. It looks like the preactivation APN for Bell is

    Still no luck. I think they may have given me an unprovisioned iPhone4 microSIM instead of a preprovisioned iPad microSIM.

    I can access all the other carriers activation URL through my home internet. Maybe Bell has just been down the last few days?
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    I tried the tutorial from Zorr0 and got the same error tweebs got
    Unfortunately this service is not currently available, please try again later.!"

    Is there a problem with the Bell server or are we doing something wrong ?

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    Default two different microSIMs
    The problem was the Bell microSIM I was using was not pre-activated. They sold me SIMs for the iPhone. You must get iPad pre-activated SIMs and connect with the APN:

    If you device does not register that you are on the Bell 3G network you SIM is not active.

    I called Bell and after 5 phone calls (I borrowed an IPad, activation didn't work properly on it either) I got the right department and they took my info and activated the SIM. After that I was able to connect and register on device.

    Make sure you're connecting over Bells 3G network (turn off other internet connections) and the page loads.

    Switch the apn after you activate.

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    derfing (2010-08-31)

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    Default account information
    I think my micro sim was already activated cause i used it for two months before Bell had this new way of doing things. I had to call each month to get another 250 meg.

    I tried the tutorial again. I don't know what I did this time but I'm now able to see a page where it's asking me to put my Bell account information ( username and password ) but I never created any account with bell before for my ipad micro sim, and there doesn't seem to be a way to create one.

    How did you create your account ?


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    I created my account when I have activated my sim card. You need to have a Bell unactivated sim card and follow my tutorial.

    Hope it helps

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    Hi Again,

    So tried again with a new IPad SIM card and it worked well.

    I used the IMEI of a Canadian IPAD (first 8 digits 01222300 FYI). The SIM must be a IPad microSIM not a IPhone microSIM. If you put it in a USB internet stick or aircard and use APN: it should connect. If it doesn't then they likely sold you a IPhone microSIM. If you bought a Iphone SIM you can call Bell and try and get the correct tech support department (good luck). Tell them your IPad says 'Service Unavailable'

    I tried both Chrom and Firefox with the IPad user string. Chrom looks perfect!

    after activation change your apn to:


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    Hi, I also got "Sorry. Unfortunately this service is not currently available, please try again later." when activating Bell microsim using that url.

    Does this mean my micro sim is for iphone 4?

    im wondering what info related to ipad will be asked if I call Bell and let them activate for me?(ya, I dont have an ipad, so i wanna know if having an ipad is required in my cace to get sim activated)


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    Keiby don't forget to put the IMEI and ICCID of your iphone in the url:
    It took a couple of tries before it worked for me.

    For my account creation problem I contacted Bell support by email and they told me that they have a problem with the registration server for creating an account and they don't know when it's gonna be up and running.
    I don't know if it's really the case or they are juste telling me bs. I really wonder if that's why I can't create an account cause it seems to work for everybody else in here.

    Hope I can get it working really soon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by keiby View Post
    Hi, I also got "Sorry. Unfortunately this service is not currently available, please try again later." when activating Bell microsim using that url.
    Did you used the iPad user agent ?

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    Default Telus
    Never got to activate my Bell micro sim no matter what i tried.
    I finally went with a micro-sim from Telus that I activated in store at my local BestBuy. It's 500 megs for 20 $ a month.

    It's another solution for those who want an activated micro-sim card without the need for an Ipad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derfing View Post
    Never got to activate my Bell micro sim no matter what i tried.
    You have to use an iPad user agent prior to visit the activation url. This is what I have done and it worked for me.

    Someone says the activation process is temporally down for Bell.

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    Thanks for replying,
    derfing, should I use IMEI and ICCID of my iphone? I useed IMEI of iphone and ICCID of bell sim card(the 20-digit number printed on the back of the sim)....Maybe thats the reason?

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    So just to be clear, is there any way of still getting the 30$ unlimited data plan from at&t or is that totally over with?

    Is there an unlimited 3g data plan with another carrier that I can register for that will work here in the US? (tennessee)

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    So noone has been able to activate the sim with Rogers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8000HD View Post
    So noone has been able to activate the sim with Rogers?
    no success I tried with a pre-activated and standard micro-sim with an imei that start with 012223000/my real IMEI with the link to generate the last number
    with/without a user-agent changer

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    I've activated a new micro sim card with an ipad and tryied to get to to work with the 3GS and nothing is working...
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