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Thread: Activating an iPad 3G SIM without an iPad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z0RrO View Post
    Today, I have tried my iPad sim card into my friend iPad and yes, my sim card is actually working even tho I have activated the sim with a random Nokia IMEI.

    I think the problem is one of the following:

    1) the carrier is blocking the use of the data plan with a no IMEI iPad device
    2) the iPhone is no well desimlocked using ultrasn0w

    Tomorrow, I will be using a iPhone 3.1.3 and I will give more feedback.
    @Z0RrO: I am using a factory unlocked iPhone 4 so I don't think the problem is with ultrasn0w. I have the same "No Service" issue.

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    Like I said, Rogers should be blocking no-iPad IMEI from using their iPad data plan. Unless there is a way to "fake IMEI", I don't think we can use iPad data plan.

    I'm still wondering how some ppl manage to make it worked ...

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    No Service.. it said the same to me after I activated with AT&T and put the sim into the Iphone, but after rebooting it started saying AT&T, then a message popped up asking whether I accept or not, and then to power off/on.
    The difference being that I used the Iphone 2g Imei and an unactivated regular sim.. I would think AT&T would be more strict than Rogers but I have had no trouble.
    My Iphone is jailbroken but not by Ultrasn0w, I forget which.
    Has your credit card been billed?
    You got the email saying it was activated?
    Updated carrier settings?
    Reset network settings?

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    Which version of OS do you have on your iPhone ?
    Do you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS ?

    I don't think the whole IMEI is really relevent during the activation process since I have entered a random IMEI from a Nokia device and I have been able to use my iPad data plan on an iPad...

    To answer your question, Yes I have been billed. Yes, I got a email saying it is activated. Yes, I have change APN setting. Yes, I have did "Reset network settings"

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    OS 3.1.2
    AT&T Carrier version 5.5 (5.6 is the last one out I believe)
    I have a Jailbroken iPhone 2G, so I can only use EDGE.

    Did you use a regular-sized Sim card or a micro-Sim?
    If micro, did you make the adapter yourself? Is it possible its not contacting well?
    Do you have Cellular Data Network settings on your iPhone? Have you changed the APN to Broadband?
    I'm sure you've done all of these.. just troubleshooting, its usually a small overlooked mistake that leads to larger problems.

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    Actually, I am trying to make it work using my iPhone 3GS under 3G data.

    My iPhone has been updated to iOS4.

    I use a regular-sized sim card which is provided by the carrier (Rogers in my case)

    I have changed my APN setting to 'rogers-core-appl1.apn'

    The problem might be coming from my iOS 4 ....

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    I am using a dual format sim (I have ordered an adpater that I will try when it arrives). We set our APN to the rogers one as well.

    It does not sound like an unlock problem as I put the SIM in a rogers iphone to no avail. I think Rogers is either activating against iPad IMEIs, or it is blocking the iPhone (I don't know if the iPhone reports what kind of device it is to the network).

    Quote Originally Posted by Z0RrO View Post
    Actually, I am trying to make it work using my iPhone 3GS under 3G data.

    My iPhone has been updated to iOS4.

    I use a regular-sized sim card which is provided by the carrier (Rogers in my case)

    I have changed my APN setting to 'rogers-core-appl1.apn'

    The problem might be coming from my iOS 4 ....
    I downgraded to 3.1.2, and it didn't work. As well, the Rogers iPhone I used was on 3.1.3 (and never upgraded to 4.0)
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    Default Why aren't non-iPad IMEI's blocked
    We know that it's possible to activate and use a GoPhone iPad SIM on an iPhone using a fake IMEI.

    It is very puzzling then that, even though the ICCID & IMEI of any device accessing AT&T's network is transmitted and therefore known to AT&T and the IMEI identifies the make and model of the device (along with assigning the device a unique identifier), AT&T doesn't block any iPAD SIM being used on a non-iPad device.

    Does anyone know? Are they simply not checking the IMEI, identifying the device and blocking it if it is not an iPad IMEI? Someone told me that they catch you eventually and send you a text message, but the network is a computer system. You'd think that verification would happen every time you connect.

    Anyone know?

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    I'd venture to say that Rogers has taken a hard line against it, where as right now AT&T doesn't care. That may change in the future though and they may start blocking non iPad IMEIs.

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    I am not aware about ATT, but for Rogers, I think they block non-iPad device to use their iPad data plan.

    This is why we cannot use the iPad data plan.

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    I wonder if, when AT&T starts doing it, whether they will 'grandfather' anyone that is already on the iPad GoPhone plan but using an iPhone, given they've already paid for the plan, or simply ban them instantly. Or they might just let them use up their plan and then ban them.

    Or. maybe AT&T would like to ban them but can't because they don't have the software in place yet.

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    What is the iPad GoPhone plan you are referring ? Give me more details.

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    um, care to read this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eonibm View Post
    um, care to read this thread?

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    Default Bell Mobility iPad Page
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    Looks like Bell in Canada now has on-device activation. The activation URL is
    and main APN is
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    Were you able to use your iPhone with this iPad data plan ?

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    Haven't tried it, I just found the URL in the carrier bundle.

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    I don't know why we need to supply the IMEI when we clearly don't need any...

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    Default iPad data plan working on iPhone 3GS iOS4.0 using Bell network
    Hi everyone,

    Good news! My iPad data plan is working under my iPhone 3GS using Bell network.

    At first, I tried with Rogers network but it doesn't seem to be working. The only different I made is I didn't used my iPhone IMEI when activating the Rogers sim card.

    Anyway, it does work with Bell

    You may wonder how I made it. Here is my tutorial.

    1. Make sure you iPhone is jailbreak (I used

    2. Install OpenSSH via Cydia (you may want to change your root password tho)

    3. Buy an iPad sim card from Bell

    4. Activate the sim card using the following link
    - I used my iPhone IMEI when activating the sim card
    - At first, I purchase the 250MB data plan to make sure it was working

    5. Using a ftp client (such as FileZilla), connect to your iPhone using SFTP (FTP over SSH)

    6. Delete the following symlink (shortcut) folder from "/System/Library/Carrier Bundles/"

    7. Go to /private/var/mobile/Library and delete the symlink (shortcut) folder "Carrier Bundle.bundle"

    8. Go to /private/var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles and delete all symlink (shortcut) folders

    9. Using Cydia, install ultrasn0w

    10. Insert the Bell sim card (never update the carrier setting)

    11. Go to Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Network and enter "" for APN under "Cellular Data".
    Also enter "" for APN under "Internet Tethering"

    12. Reboot your device and enjoy

    If by mistake you update your carrier setting, you simply need to delete the symlink folder I have mentioned above.

    Now, your device should be working using the Bell network. You can also tether your 3G internet with your laptop.

    If you still want to make call, you can install a VoIP client on you iPhone. You can get a cheap VoIP plan (Acanac, Vif, etc.) as low as 10$ per month with unlimited call to any Canada and US phone number!!

    Thats it! Hope it helps!

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