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Thread: Finally got my AT&T sims, but no luck

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    Default Finally got my AT&T sims, but no luck
    I finally got the sims. I finally got the phone out of the brick mode. Connected to Itunes, 3.1.3 is up. But now I am stuck with an ipod. I had 3.1.2 before and do have my shsh on file at saurik's servers. However I do not know what to do now. I have searched and can't find the answers...

    1. I have tried two sim cards from AT&T which I got off of ebay and neither of them allow me to activate them. I get the message "Waiting to activate, this can take some time". Do I need to be activated before being able to downgrade to 3.1.2 (with saurik's help).

    2. Can I really download that way. I have changed the hosts file to point to the server, but it isn't working.

    am I hopeless for now as far as unlocking the phone, or is there hope ???

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    I have the same problem!

    Its so annoying!

    It says "waiting for activation. This could take some time"

    and it makes me want to scream.

    Can anyone help us?

    I also get no service?
    Do you have any bars?

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    nope , no service. i don't use AT&T... I am not in the U.S

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    If you have upgraded to 3.1.13, your baseband was also updated, so you will not get phone service until the next unlock comes out. You might be able to downgrade your firmware for use as an iPod, but no phone.

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    Not even with a Legit AT&T sim?

    Why wouldnt it work if I am with Official Carrier?

    And what do you know about the next unlock?

    Im completely clueless

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    1) It's not a US phone.
    2) Prepaid SIMs usually don't work.

    3) Wait for the unlock in June.
    4) No I don't know the exact date nor do I know if it is for sure--just hope or sell your phone for another.
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    Unlock came out and I'm in the same boat...

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    this is what I used...

    I have baseband 05.12.01 and an AT&T phone. You need an AT&T sim card to jailbreak.

    Unlock iOS 4.0 with Ultrasn0w | Redmond Pie

    worked like a charm. I even reset to factory settings (formatted the iphone) and tried again to make sure it really works.

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    Tried the exact same thing already and didn't work. It's nor a hardware issue as phone works with friend sim...

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    you were supposed to use a proxy server based in america when you were doing your activation. it searches through your native countries possible iphone carriers and if the sim you have inserted doesnt match (even if you put in the correct sim of that locked iphone)... you are ******.

    wait like the rest of us tools til a hacktivated fw works on new boot loader. enjoy your brick and dont waste anymore time with it... i literally wasted 5 days on this piece of ****.

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