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Thread: Why could I unlock my 3G but when I updated (and downgraded now to 3.1.2) I cant?

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    Default Why could I unlock my 3G but when I updated (and downgraded now to 3.1.2) I cant?
    I unlocked my iPhone before, but somehow I managed to update it to 3.1.3 , I downgraded it to 3.1.2 (I installed the 3.1.2 IPSW with shift+click on restore in iTunes). Anyway, Fuzzyband says my bootloader is 6.02 and my baseband is 5.12.01. People say its a hardware issue but how was I able to unlock before? Right now its a jail broken iPhone (using redsn0w)... any help would be appreciated!

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    Unlocking is dependent on the baseband or modem firmware version. Updating to 3.1.3 updated your baseband to 5.12.01 which there is no unlock for. Your bootloader (which is hardware) does not allow you to roll the baseband back.

    Long story short: You're screwed. You can either sell the thing, switch to AT&T, or wait for the 5.12.01 unlock to be released.

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    The 5.12.01 unlock is not too far away I heard? Something about the OS 4.0 unlock which is supposed to be released in June?

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    5.12.01 will never be unlocked. The baseband on 4.0 will

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    oh, so basically Im waiting for the 4.0 unlock.

    sorry to be a pain but I've been doing some searching but there seems to be no definite date for the 4.0 release? Is there a more specific date than the month of "june"?'Also, they need to unlock if AFTER 4.0 gets released...which will take some I'm assuming theres a loooooooooong wait lol

    edit: June 7 according to
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    It shouldn't be that long after OS 4.0 is out unless Apple patches the exploits that were found.

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