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Thread: Issues getting past 1015 on iPhone 3G

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    Default Issues getting past 1015 on iPhone 3G
    This is on an iPhone 3G. I am on a MacBook running OSX 10.5.

    First, I have read this thread:

    Second, this is on an iPhone 3G that I am attempting to downgrade from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 so that it may be unlocked. The phone has not previously been unlocked or jailbroken (until tonight when I was messing around with it). My problem occurs when I hit the 1015 error message in iTunes after going through the standard process (recovery mode, option+restore, 3.1.2 firmware).

    I then open up Quickpwn, but it is unable to recognize that an iPhone is connected to the computer.

    The above link in mind (which mentions that Quickpwn might not work well on Macs), I attempted to use blackra1n, but it crashes on startup.

    So I then attempt to use Quickpwn on Windows XP through bootcamp, and get no love that way either.

    I have even tried going twice through the 3.1.2 restore process, as mentioned in saurik's tutorial.

    So now, I've just gone back to 3.1.3 so that I have a working phone. The plan was to unlock the phone when the 4th gen iPhone comes out so that I can give it to my fiancee. Is iPhone OS 4.0 predicted to be unlockable, thereby rendering all this effort moot?

    Thanks for any help.

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    So, if I'm reading other threads correctly, I might be screwed since I fully upgraded firmware to 3.1.3, but since 4.0 is as good as cracked, my issues will be moot come mid-June?

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