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Thread: OK - I searched and I'm still confused - help plz

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    Default OK - I searched and I'm still confused - help plz
    I've given my wife my iPhone 3G. It was unlocked/jailbroken before getting upgraded to 3.0, but it is locked again.

    Mainly what we want is for her to be able to use it like an iPod Touch with a phone app. She doesn't care about non-official apps, etc, she just wants the phone to work. I'd like it if texting works, too. She has no requirement for data other than WiFi. We're on AT&T and I have my 3GS up and running as a normal/locked/standard iPhone (which is fine with me).

    So mainly we want the phone to work on the AT&T network with no data plan (with Edge/3G data turned off to prevent roaming $$$). Like before, we'd use the SIM from her current AT&T phone.

    Version is listed as 3.0 (7A432)

    I see lots of references to "baseband" but don't see that on the screen. The numbers are similar to what I see listed as "Modem Firmware", which is 04.26.08. Carrier is listed as AT&T 4.0

    I was also wondering if I need to do the SHSH backup. I tried the umbrella tool, and it didn't see my device. I'm guessing 3.0 is too old??

    We're on a Mac running OSX 10.5.8.

    Thanks in advance for the help!!

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    OK - so I've successfully run the tool. Now I'd like to make sure she's running how we'd like her to run:

    Access to AT&T for phone and voicemail, access to WiFi, but no 3g or Edge data at all. Essentially an iPod Touch with a phone app.

    How do I get her there? Plug in the SIMM and go? (I haven't put the SIMM in yet - phone shows the pinapple at startup and says No SIM). I've gone into Settings and turned off 3G and Roaming Data, but I'd need to turn off access to Edge as well, right?

    (I've gone into Cydia and installed UltraSnow - just not sure what to do from there...)

    OK - I *THINK* I figured it out.

    I jailbroke using Pwnage
    Used Cydia to install Ultrasnow and unlocked.
    Used Cydia to install BossPrefs
    Used BossPrefs to disable Edge and 3G data (and whatever "? Data" is...)

    Everything seems to work. Did I miss anything??

    Also, I've heard SBSettings has replaced BossPrefs - any reason to replace BossPrefs at this point?
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    SBSettings is a quicker non-app alternative to bossprefs. You can have both if you like. It doesnt really replace it per se.

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