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Thread: First timer, have a couple questions

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    Here is my situation:

    I bought a 3g iphone off of Craigslist for 100 bucks (!), and it's unlocked for t-mo. It is FW 3.1, and the baseband is 5.11.07. Now, I looked this up on the interwebs, and I'm either retarded, blind, or just really tired, but it looks like if I try to restore my phone with a cfw, it's going to upgrade my baseband to the ultra bad 5.12. Is this true? Or am I reading posts by people that are just trying to get me to pay them 30 bucks (!) for a free service?

    If there is someone who can answer this, and point me to a guide for upgrading that's for sure going to work for me (I'm competent, I swear, just seriously tired), I will give you +20 internets, and be forever in your gratitude. Thanks.

    P.s. attached is a screenie of my phones about section that should contain all the info you need. Thanks for taking the time to answer, it's much appreciated. I just wanna upgrade to 3.1.2 is all.
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    okay... if you update through itunes to 3.1.3 you will be locked again and your baseband will be upgraded to 5.12.01 ---> so you don't want to do that.

    But if you update with a custom 3.1.3 firmware your baseband won't be updated.
    A custom fw can be built with pwnage (mac) or snowbreeze (windows)

    So you wont to follow one of these two guides.

    Update to 3.1.3 with snowbreeze (windows)

    Update to 3.1.3 with PwnageTool (mac os x)

    Hope this helped you. Tell me if you succeeded
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    Thanks a lot. I will definitely look them over. I wasn't too worried about getting up to 3.1.3, only because from what I read it was a tiny update that didn't do much. However, if I can do it without locking myself out of service, I'm all about it. Gonna try, and hope I don't mess it all up.

    Thanks again.

    Edit: [QUOTE]atamkaan on February 7th, 2010
    Same here. 3G with 05.11.07 upgraded to 3.1.3 and can't unlock now, blackra1in freezes and continuous reboot. Any idea?

    Read more about How to Jailbreak/Unlock 3.1.3 iPhone 3GS/3G/2G iPod Touch 2G/1G with sn0wbreeze Windows by]

    This is what I'm most worried about right here. The process sounds easy as pie, I just don't wanna be stuck without my phone, lol. Downloading all the required components now though. Will report back here shortly.

    Okay, so I realize that the quote in my comment before should be null, since I'm using sn0wbreeze, not blackra1n...stupidity on my part.

    However, I have tried twice now, and failed both times. I get an error 1600 when I go for it. Some quick googling led me to a site for ireb, and so I tried that.

    When I try to use ireb, I follow the directions, and I never get a red/white screen like it says I should. Furthermore, when I try to open itunes through the ireb prog, it gives me an error and doesn't open anything.

    So I just took my phone out of DFU, and am still at square one for the moment. Gonna try later when I'm not panicking trying to get mom's day stuff ready at the same time

    well, no luck so far...have to go to work now, so I suppose that I'll have to try later.

    Tried ireb; screen never changes color. Still getting a 1600 error. Really don't wanna brick my phone, so I suppose I'm stuck for a bit. Gonna read up on it at work a bit, because that's what work is for, lol
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    Download ipsw 3.1.2. Hold down power button and home button while phone is on and when phone goes black release the power button and hold home for 10 seconds. This puts your phone into DFU mode. Shift+restore to the 3.1.2 ipsw. Download Blackra1n and run it on the phone when it finishes restoring. Run Blackra1n app on springboard once you gain access. Install Cydia and Blacksn0w. Reboot and delete Blackra1n app via the app. You should be jailbroken and unlocked at this point. If you still experience problems, please do tell.

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    Sorry it has been so long since I replied. Thanks to everyone for helping me out.

    I feel like a moron, lol. It would be common sense that before I could upgrade and use the unlock to 3.1.2 or .3, I would first have to update to 3.1.2 and do a fresh unlock...but ya know, I was flustered, so it was a pain. All sense was out and about somewhere. Just restored to 3.1.2 and am about to unlock now. Thanks for the help!

    success! got it unlocked, updated to 3.1.2, all is well.

    So, anyhow, now I have another question....if I restore the phone from my backup, is it going to undo all this madness?
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    No it won't undo anything.

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