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Thread: original carrier, Cheaper method? *Canada*

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    Default original carrier, Cheaper method? *Canada*
    So Im from canada and bought a used iphone locally and I know for a fact it's not rogers, so I guess im now stuck with bell, telus or fido.

    Is there a way for me to find which is the originial carrier without buying a new sim card for every carrier?

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    if you visit rogers and tell them that you want to join them, they will be able for 15$ to unlock it and lock it back to them.

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    Are you sure? Even if it's un activated and the phone is bricked?

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    Hang on, am I reading that right?

    satch2501, are you saying that if an existing Rogers customer was to approach Rogers with a phone which is locked to a different carrier that they would, for $15, unlock that phone( be it locked already to Rogers or another carrier those shady buggers) enabling that customer to insert, there-by relocking, their SIM into that phone?

    That is how I understand what you have said.

    If that is true are youable to tell me who I talk to at Rogers to get this done?

    I ask because I have an iphone which was not operational when I received it, when I got it working I found it locked to Fido. Being a Rogers subscriber I figured that it would not be a big deal to get them to enable me to me to use it with Rogers as they are the same company, just two different names. After 5 working days talking to various people in various the various departments the various representatives of both Rogers and Fido transfered me to in order to satisfy my request and subsequent inquiries as to why they could\would not do so in consideration of the fact that it was easy enough for them to use their internal line transfers to switch me between Fido and Rogers reps, I gave up.

    Thankfully, there are some selfless and generous people in this world who put much work and many hours in order to supply the benefits of their knowledge which has allowed me to access and learn to use software allowing me to jailbreak my phone and discover that I can not yet "do it myself" unlock it due to bootloader version.

    Now, realistically, after going through the ringer with Rogers\Fido I think that even if I was to discover that they would indeed enable me to operate my SIM in it if I gave them $15 I would still choose to wait till I was able to do it myself but it would still be nice to know who I could contact in Rogers that would authorize and do the service so I could tell them to "kindly stuff it!"

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    Sorry if it took so long to respond, I am not always online. The reason I am telling you this is because I had a Fido phone and I called Rogers and for 15$ they unlocked it and relocked it to Rogers. I am sure that BELL, TELUS or VIRGIN can do the same.

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