Hi guys, I have a 3GS old bootrom i can force it to restore at 3.1.2 (custom firmware) but when i add host blackra1n.com and run the app. it will take about 1min i can see the phone really lag and slow..... then eventually it turn off and restart and stuck at apple logo (as it tries to reset itself).

If i force to restore again it will go back to 3.1.2 and baseband 05.11.07. without running the blacksn0w app. the phone, i can safari surf and youtube, and take pic and i left it overnight work. as long as i add blackra1n and run the app it gone stupid again.....

Also i have seen after i added host the blacksn0w said RC1. Isnt it suppose to be RC3?

Is there any other unlocking software for 3gs. As I mention above I only can restore it to CUSTOM_firmware (that already has Cydia) and when u run blackra1n, i cant find the blackrain drop app on the main screen.

Any out here have any ideas, please give me some advise