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Thread: iPhone Activate with other Sim / Unlock

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    Exclamation iPhone Activate with other Sim / Unlock
    Hey guys!

    I thought I would share this little experience I had with my iPhone 3G on 3.1.3 which obviously wasn't unlockable.

    I couldn't be bother to wait any longer so I sold it on ebay for a quite good price.

    Then I went and bought a broken 3g off ebay... I thought somehow I would be able to fix it... But hehe that wasn't the case

    So I decided to go to the apple store to see how much it was to fix it... They told me around 120$ but in the second sentence he also mentioned I could get a new refurbished one for 199$ which obviously would have the same Simlock as the old iPhone I gave them. So there I was again withe a iPhone 3G FW 3.1.3 Bootloader 6.4 and the new baseband. So I was stuck again on my "iPod touch"

    As I still was in the Apple Store I tried to activate it with my sunrise sim... (I live in Switzerland and the iPhone I got swaped had a Swisscom Simlock on it)... And now the highlight of this day: I opend iTunes and voila my iPhone was activated with sunrise!!! WOOOW

    In my head I was like they must have given me a official unlocked iPhone... So I went down back to the Genius Bar and they told me: no no your iPhone has a Swisscom simlock!! But it takes a while for the swaped device to take over the settings (simlock) of the old broken iPhone which is retrieved off the Apple Server. He mentioned that it usually takes a couple of hours..

    I was like: WEEEEEPAAAAAAAA! Got a new iPhone 3G and even made a small benefit from selling my first one on ebay!

    So to sumarize: If your fed up with a non unlockable iPhone 3G(S) sell it on ebay... Get a broken one off ebay (water damage, lcd broke whatever it doesn't matter) and then get it swaped at a Apple Store for 199$ and activate it with any Simcard right away in the Apple Store!! (and after that don't update/restore again )

    And there you go with a "unlocked" iPhone 3G 3.1.3 with a new bootloader and baseband!!

    So if you can't wait for the unlock go ahead and do that!

    Did it now three times and it worked every time!!

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