Just to start off, this is the fifth phone doing the same damn thing.
It started cuz i did a restore, and it wouldnt accept my simcard..
I take it to the apple, blah blah, new phone,come home, prompts restore, does the same thing, itunes says that the simcard isnt supported.
So take it back, 3rd phone does same exact thing, this time, i do a brand new install of windows 7, thinking my OS was the problem, no luck.
For the 4'th phone, they recommend not to restore from my old iPhones back up.
But when i restored, it gave me the same sim card message, i am using a FIDO sin card in a FIDO phone, the sim card is not the problem, tested on the phones at apple, and it works.
Today, got my fifth phone, get home, sync it, and i realized the phone app is missing, so i try to restore it, do it and, go figure same sim card message..
Have an Genius bar appointment tmr at 4:10.
Im tired of this.. Brand new OS, i even tried a apple 30-pin connector, and no dice.
It is frustrating me, any help would be much asked for.
Thank you,