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Thread: Quick Unlocking Question??!!

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    Default Quick Unlocking Question??!!
    Just bought an Iphone 3GS 32GB off someone. They reset it themselves and it already has Cydia on it so I assume it is obviously jailbroken. It is running 3.1.2 and 05.11.07 FW. I need to unlock it so I can use it for TMobile. What would be my next step. Can I just go on Cydia and unlock it or is that not an option anymore? Thanks for the help!

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    Is this jailbreak tethered since its 3.1.2? If I shut my phone off or it restarts would I have to jailbreak again?

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    Probably yes. Depends on when it was made.

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    I just turned it off and back on and did not make me jailbreak or unlock again.... hmmm is that strange or should it be doing that? I am now having ANOTHER problem.

    I am trying to add all my stuff from Itunes on there but when I plug it into Itunes it says this:

    "iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone "iPhone". Go to the Summary tab in Iphone preferences and click Restore to restore this Iphone to factory settings."

    Am I really going to have to jailbreak and unlock this thing again or is there something I can do without having to do that? Any ideas?

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    I would guess then that you're not on a tethered jailbreak. But, Ive never seen that error message before. I googled it and found this:

    This assumes that your phone is already jailbroken (I wonder if anyone who has a non-jailbroken phone ever experiences this problem?).

    1) On a Mac using Cyberduck or a PC using WinSCP, view the files on your iPhone (google SSH Cyberduck iPhone if you need help with this step)

    2) Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/
    and delete the file iTunesDB

    At this point, iTunes will no longer give you the error message BUT, your music, ringtones, podcasts will still be taking up space on your iPhone but your iPhone won't try to read them and iTunes won't see them. The solution is the next step.

    3) In Cyberduck (or WinSCP) navigate to /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music and delete all of the folders in the Music directory

    4) Go back one level to /private/var/mobile/Media and go to the Ringtones directory and delete them too.

    5) Close iTunes and open it again, allow your iPhone to sync again. It should copy all your music, podcasts, and videos back to your phone, though depending on how much you have, it could take a while.

    6) If you have Ringtones in your iTunes and they're not going back on your phone after all of this, plug your phone in and select the iPhone in Devices in iTunes and click the Ringtones tab. Deselect 'sync ringtones' and it will display a message warning you that all ringtones will be removed from you phone. Accept that and click 'apply'. After the phone has finished syncing, select 'Sync Ringtones' again and click apply. Allow it to sync. That successfully put the ringtones back on my phone.

    I did this on March 6th 2010 on a Jailbroken 3G 16 gig running the 3.1.2 OS and it worked fine. Good luck with your own phones, I hope this works for you and I summarized the instructions clearly enough.

    Give it a try? Or re-jailbreak/unlock.

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    Ok thanks... if I wanted to re-jailbreak/unlock which guide would I follow since I have a mac. Is there a guide on here that has a place I can download the correct 3.1.2 and everything I need? Thanks.

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    Go to downloads here for the correct OS version for 3.1.2

    I'd also download the set of tools from which will let you check out your phone first before doing the JB/unlock. It will also tell you that you need to use blackra1n to unlock your phone.

    Look around the forums here to get a full walkthrough though. good luck

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    Okay I downloaded that forecast program from that site and it says this about my phone:

    Baseband: 05.11.07
    Bootloader 6.4
    Model MC137
    Jailbreakable: Yes(don't upgrade!)
    Unlockabole: Yes
    Untethered: Yes

    So should I just go download this OS? ModMyi Forums - Downloads - iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 and then follow a guide on here on how to jailbreak and unlock? If so which guide should I follow? Thanks!

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    well the bootloader being 6.4 means you aren't going to be able to downgrade your baseband, but blackra1n should work fine.

    IMHO I wouldn't restore it unless you have to. First try going into cydia and install blacksn0w to see if you can unlock it.

    You should be able to install 3.1.2 without a problem and I'd feel comfortable using redsn0w to do that if you need to. since it won't touch your baseband, you don't get stuck with 5.12.1, which is the real danger.

    you could also try running redsn0w 0.4 and selecting the "already pwned" box so it doesn't jailbreak it again. I don't know what it would do, but it could maybe reset something.

    I'd also go into settings and reset all settings. You might want to also hit the reset all content and settings which I don't recommend until you figure out a good way to unlock it because you don't want to be stuck with an unactivated phone if there is something not working right.

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    Okay... but it is already unlocked though. I have been using it has my phone for the last 24 hours so that isn't the problem. The phone is perfect right now... it is jailbroken and unlocked I am just having that one major problem of not being able to connect it to Itunes without that error message. I don't want to have to re-jailbreak and unlock again if I don't have too... thats for sure. Ill try resetting all the settings and see if that does anything.

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    DO NOT PRESS ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS... it ruined my jailbreak on a new bootrom phone. If you have the old rom, I believe you can simply restore back to custom 3.1.2

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    Mavrick... I ended up trying those steps with cyberduck and they worked. Thank you very much

    Well now I have another problem! I did all these steps and now my iphone has synced with itunes successfully... now when I try to find Wi-Fi networks around me nothing is showing up... they were showing up before i synced though... makes no sense! I tried restarting the phone, turning wi-fi on and off and still no networks. Anyone know what's up?
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