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    Hi, Im new with iphone, its unlocked, jailbroke with 3.0 (7A341) 04.26.08. im reading that there is 3.1.3 out but also reading not to do it but some say go ahead???? Any help for me and how to do it...Thanks

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    There is a way to update the iPhone to the newest firmware 3.1.3 and save the baseband, if you don't do it the proper way it will update the baseband which means no unlock for you! Honestly there is no difference from 3.0 to 3.1.3... I have not noticed any changes at all. I would recommend just staying with 3.0 and not even deal with the headache of upgrading it safely without updating the baseband. If you really want to though there are many guides on this site that can walk you through. So remember if you wanna update the firmware to the newest 3.1.3 and save the baseband you need a custom firmware (go through the guides on here to help finding everything out because if you just update through iTunes you will update the baseband, not good).
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    If you have a 3GS I'd be very very very very careful though. If it's a 2G go for it, no worries on the baseband upgrading. If it's a 3G, be careful too, you can always downgrade the firmware but not the baseband so if you mess up the baseband and need an unlock, you are screwed for a while.

    3GS is the most worrisome though because even with a preserved baseband, some cannot jailbreak to unlock.

    It just depends on which iPhone you have and if you really think the upgrade is necessary at this time.

    I would actually recommend to wait for the new firmware release because then the Dev-Team/GeoHot will release a jailbreak and unlock for that for sure. That would eliminate you messing up your phone and not being able to use it.

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    The only benefit really to upgrading is the fact that some apps wont work on the older firmwares. If you decide to upgrade, RESEARCH HOW!! Reading for a couple hours will save you a lot of headaches and frustration. My 3g is currently on 3.1.2 with base band 04.26.08.
    Just make sure that the firmware you create or download will not upgrade your baseband, and DO NOT UPGRADE TO 3.1.3 FACTORY FIRMWARE!!! Dont let itunes download and install the software, or you're screwed.

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    Go to cydia search and install fwChanger open the app type in 3.1.3 and for build type 7E18 and you will no longer be bothered by that update message everytime you want to sync your iphone in itunes. I will agree with the guys^ if you want ivideocamera or all the newer apps and games you will not be able to put them on your iphone cuz they require 3.1+ but in a way your phone stays the way you love it.

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