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Thread: "Geohot" pic logo froze on 3GS!

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    Default "Geohot" pic logo froze on 3GS!
    So I jailbroke/unlocked using blackra1n and snow (phones firmware out of the box was 3.1.2 I DID NOT UPGRADE TO 3.1.3!)..., when I went to reboot my phone it shows the usb cord/itunes connect logo (which means I have the new bootrom so when I power down my phone I can only boot back up by plugging the phone back into the computer and re-running blackra1n.)

    Problem is it keeps freezing on Geohots pic and won't budge! I don't know what to do. When I try to connect to itunes to see what happens (wi-fi off) it shows my phone is not activated and has no service but it did before I did all of this. Not sure what is going on here.

    I'm not even able to restore 3.1.2 with iTunes because Apple has blocked all firmware restores below the current of 3.1.3. This is BS!

    Please tell me there is a way to fix this?

    Isn't there another program out there that will do OS restores on the iPhone so people can get around Apple being control freaks? I can't do anything now with this phone until it gets restored (and I'm not using iTunes to update to 3.1.3 which will cause even more problems.)
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    You can restore using a custom firmware file made using Pwnage tool. Do ask for any here we dont allow the links but you can google and find them.

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    You expect me to be able to figure that out after all the problems I had understanding how to jailbreak and unlock in my other thread lol? If this has anything to do with saving something to Cydia when I first did the jailbreak I did not do that...but from what I was told that was only for people who were running 3.1.3, I am not running that.

    Can't you just PM me and explain? My phone is def in recovery mode and I can't get it out for the life of me! iTunes refuses to restore phones to anything earlier then 3.1.3, so I'm trying an 8.X version of iTunes to see if it works that way...worth a try.

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    Leave you itunes current and do this:

    1. Google for "custom 3.1.2 3gs firmware" and you should find some.

    2. Choose the one that matches what you need (unlocked or not, etc, etc) Download it.

    3. In itunes with the phone plugged in, hold down the "shift" button while pressing "restore" and it will bring up a box to allow you to choose with firmware you want to use.

    4. Pick the one you just downloaded.

    5. Restore using it. It will work.

    PS- Its pretty straight forward, if your still confused I would do a great deal of researching before messing with the phone anymore. You could turn an expensive phone into a brick messing with something you have no clue about.

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    Dude I'm not as dumb as I may look lol, I have a few years behind my belt with these phones...3GS is my first since using the older devies and things are a bit harder and they confuse me.

    I understand your instructions but want to ask one thing. Won't iTunes still validate the custom firmware file before allowing me to restore? If so then there is no point doing that as it will flag it with an error message.

    If not then I'll do it, I understand completely.

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    Your good using a custom FW, itunes only validates Apple stock FW

    I actually just had to do my 3G[s] 2 times in the last couple days because of a corrupt source file creating a mess. Same deal as you, restored no problems.

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    Ah ok lol. Hey do I want to use a "non activated" or a regular custom firmware? Some sites are showing non activated to mean one thing, while others are saying it means the complete opposite...I just want to ask before I start.

    Thanks again man.

    P.S. The goal is to use with T-Mobile if that helps?

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    If your wanting Tmo then you will need it ACTIVATED and unlocked. ATT users need unactivated.

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    Ah see what I mean about being confused? To me activated means that I already activated the phone with AT&T and non activated means it would be used on a network not requring a contract for the phone (it must just be me lol.)

    OK so after I do this, can I then run blackra1n and snow to jailbreak and unlock?

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    The custom FW will already be jailbroken and as long as you choose the correct one, will also be unlocked. No need to do anything further.

    Yeah activated means Itunes wont have to, since Itunes wont if its not ATT.

    Unactivate means Itunes will need to, which is fine if your ATT.

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    OK, wish me luck lol. I'll post back in a few.

    And thanks!

    Update: Christ this file is going to take almost 2 hours to download from this ftp site, jesus christ already! Dude if you have a link for a ACTIVATED firmware that is quick (without having to "join files together" please private me lol. I beg you...

    Guys still no go...custom firmware is now getting me an error 1604 message. I don't know WTF is going on with this.

    Oh well guys after 9 hours of trying to get this thing to restore (even using custom firmware that continued to fail with "error 1604 codes" I did what I had to do to find out if the phone was bricked or not...I let iTunes update to 3.1.3 and guess restored!

    So like a lot of you I'm now waiting for an unlock for this...oh well at least I know my phone is not broke, it's build quality is flawless and I have 0 dead pixels!

    Apple really must be on their game right now, cause they are not allowing anything to get through their software, I must say I'm impressed...yet they still allow people to register quicktime pro using hacked codes from years ago lol...
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    man you shouldnt have gave up so easily.I was having the same problem yesterday with an ipod touch.I just about gave up to and upgraded.I finally updated my host files to the cyndia server.I guess that was what i needed to do.But i finally got it restored back to 3.1.2.That wouldnt have helped you though because you didnt do that in cyndia.But i'm glad you got your phone working again.

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