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Thread: Update to OS 3.1 (baseband 05.11.07 & bootloader 5.9)

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    Default Update to OS 3.1 (baseband 05.11.07 & bootloader 5.9)
    I searched in almost every main iPhone forums but i haven't found anything about unlocking the phone after updating to 3.1 via iTunes. Now i want to tell all the qurious people what have they done after they updated their Operational System(OS) to 3.1.

    When you update your OS from 3.0 or 3.0.1 to 3.1, the OS is not the only thing which changes... The new version(3.1) updates also the phone's modem version(baseband). It becomes 05.11.07, which ultrasn0w(this is the unlocking tool for iPhone) do not support.

    Agan if you try to downgrade your OS from 3.1 to 3.0(or lower), it is OK but your modem version stays 05.11.07 and ultrasn0w can not be used again! So now we all wait for a new crack/tool/hack or something to unlock our phones.

    Only 5% of the iPhones have bootloader 5.8. I think most of the phones are with 5.9(this bootloader thingy is factory setting).
    For this 5%, there is a way for unlocking their iPhones. If you think that you are from those 5%, go in Cydia(or Icy) and type Fuzzyband Downgrader. If your bootloader is 5.8, the program will say that you can downgrade your modem's version(from 05.11.07 to lower) and after that unlock your phone again. This is the only way to downgrade your baseband for now.

    But as i said, most of the iPhones have bootloader 5.9(like mine) and now i can not use my phone for calling. I think that 100% there will be a cure for the updated baseband - a new version of ultrasn0w or downgrading the bootloader(or something).

    So everybody must just wait for this cure. There is no other way!
    Wish you all good luck-

    Nixing/HR Records

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    e bapa kyare aavshe aa unlock ??????? (means when this unlock will come ?)

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    It's great to have that info in one place for the new comers. But on this particular sub-forum, this issue has been exhausted to death. The effort is however appreciated.

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    I think all the 3.1 users have searched quite a bit for unlocking. But no luck for anyone. But I really never heard about the "baseband" thing before. It is such a good work that you have done here.
    Thanks for sharing the information.
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