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Thread: Ok, seriously, wtf is going on???

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    Default Ok, seriously, wtf is going on???
    I realize this post might cause a sh1t storm, but I think there are a lot of people out there with the same concerns. First off, I appreciate all the hard work and effort put forth by dev team and others who are a) talented enough to do what they do, and b) generous enough with their time and energy. If I had the know-how and ability I'd be happy to work on these things for the greater good as well, but sadly, I don't.

    That being said, there seems to be a huge need in the community not being met. Someone please politely correct me if I'm wrong. And, I may be premature in making this comment, but I'll make it anyway... Now that Geohot released blackra1n, which appears to be a huge leap forward in jb'ing, why does it seem like no one is working on an unlock to go along with it. I'm sure there are many others in the same or similar position I'm in. My 3GS is jb & unlocked on T-Mobile, currently running 3.0.1 (redsn0w/ultrasn0w).

    I would like to upgrade to the most current firmware with jailbreak and unlock. (Sure why not, right? Easier said than done!) And, I know it's easy to say/want but not easy to do. Again, I wish I had the ability to try to work on this problem as well.

    But, if the optimal set of circumstances for everyone in this same boat is a) to be on the current firmware, b) to be jailbroken, and c) to be unlocked (those who need unlock), then why doesn't it seem like an unlock is being worked on to go along with blackra1n? I realize everyone has different wants/needs, but I'm sure there are many people out there who share this same set of needs.

    Maybe I'm naive, or not knowledgeable enough to comment, but that doesn't seem to stop anyone around here I'd just like someone to explain why an unlock is either impossible or not on anyone's priority list.

    Last I heard Geohot had over 500,000 dl's on blackra1n, and that's only people who don't need unlock. What would the count be if an unlock was available? over 1M? more?

    Again,I'm not complaining, and I genuinely appreciate the hard work, just wondering what's up?

    Thanks for patience reading this long post, and thanks for hopefully explaining and helping me to understand.

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    People other things going on I guess. I know the Dev team warned people profusely NOT to upgrade if they wanted to keep their unlock. Geohot is...I'm not sure, probably working on something awesome but likely not an unlock because he hasn't said anything about it.

    Just one of them things I suppose.

    And before someone yells at me, I'm in the "screwed" boat as my iPhone got destroyed last week, I got it replaced from Apple, it came running 3.1 No unlock for me (I'm on T-Mobile). So now I'm figuring out what I want to do...

    Contemplating selling it for whatever I can get on craigslist and then, perhaps, going real big and buying a factory unlocked 3Gs for like $850. An insane price, but I never have to worry about an unlock again. Also I'm potentially going to be traveling in Europe a lot in the next year.

    Anyway, I would love an unlock right now! I have no calendar to carry with me everywhere and it is...horrendous.

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    You could just go with AT+T. But I guess you would rather save the 5 bucks
    To live, you have to lie

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    Quote Originally Posted by redcard View Post
    You could just go with AT+T. But I guess you would rather save the 5 bucks

    On T-Mo I pay $50/mo after taxes (literally, fifty dollars) for unlimited voice/data/texts (I have the sweetest plan ever.)

    On AT&T I'd be paying like $105 ($40 for minutes, $20 for texts, $30 for data, $15ish for taxes) for 450 minutes, texts and data. No bueno.

    55/month extra over a 2 year contract is an additional $1320. Ridiculous.

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    ^ Props................exactly.

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    Nacho you don't need to explain your savings brother.

    There are some stuck up people here who feel awesome cause they are not on the same boat as us. I'm someone like you, got a ATT iPhone 3Gs, came preinstalled with 05.11.07. Pretty damn annoyed.

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    Same here in uk, I get half price T-mobs contract with all the addons - 17GBP. To get an iphone on O2 (The current network) with the same thing costs 45GBP and thats usually once youve bought the handset for 100? Sucks

    Plus y should one network get all the business. Its sickening! You can get a crappy samsung or nokia on any network. Should be same with iphone. I know they were worried about production quantities or something but how hard can it be.
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    Thanks for everyone's responses. I wasn't trying to cause an AT&T vs. T-Mobile debate. I'm on T-Mobile because their family plan was cheaper. When my wife and I got married we had to choose between her carrier and mine. T-Mobile was way cheaper. But my point was to try to find out if and when (or why not) an unlock would be coming out. Anyone have any info?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice0004 View Post
    There are some stuck up people here who feel awesome cause they are not on the same boat as us
    Thought we were being polite?
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    No, you were being polite... others weren't.

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    Dude, it is possible to upgrade but not lose your jailbreak. You'll have to do a lot of research, but it's possible. Whatever you do, don't do the standard upgrade.

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    My bill is $58 per month on Tmobile with a mere 300 mins a month nothing else $39.99 plan. ^^^^I would consider $850 for a factory unlocked iphone because I would save money each year and not be bothered with unlocking as it appears apple is winning! Can I live without cydia? Yes Will I miss cydia? Very much I just refuse to have a samsung or nokia again.

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    Yeah I pay right @ $100/month on ATT but IMO the difference in service is well worth it. And I couldnt live without 3G data speeds.

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    Used T-Mobile before, didn't get service in most places I went. Been happy with ATT and get service everywhere I travel. Pay about $150 for 4 lines, 1400 minutes, unlimited MMS and Text, and 1 iPhone data. Almost all of my friends have ATT also so I have a ton of rollover minutes. I love phones from other companies, like some T-Mobile carries and get them unlocked. So I see how it can be upsetting how one of the popular US phones is locked down tight. Most of the regular phones I can call ATT and get unlock code but that wont happen with iPhone.
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    So, because it's hilarious I thought I'd share.

    Since my iPhone went up and I had to get a replacement which, I soon discovered, I couldn't unlock, I've been using my old SE K850.

    Just earlier today, it started acting up and is now turning unresponsive so any sort of input.

    The phone gods are ridiculously pissed at me, it would seem.

    So, I have a perfectly good (and brand new!) iPhone 3G 8gb just sitting here, waiting for an unlock solution. If I hadn't had to get ~$700 worth of car maintenance and repairs done just two days ago, I'd have purchased a factory unlocked 3Gs by now.

    And then, oh this is great, just today I read that the new 3Gs' coming out aren't vulnerable to the latest jailbreak exploit. I'm at such a loss with this thing.

    ps this was not hilarious at all.

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    I think it needs to be said, because this is probably the response that Ernie expected: no one owes us anything. We don't have any right to have an unlocked phone nor any right to expect anyone else to donate their time and money and experience to get us free access to a product that we refuse to use as directed.

    I need to say this again: we have no right to expect any of this, even if there is a string of successes and unlocks and great work arounds since the original OS 1.0. We have no right to expect any jailbreaks or unlocks for any future software. Ever. If I have to "survive" on craigslisted year-old iPhones with OS 3.0, I'll do it, because I don't have any right to ask or demand or expect any future unlock or jailbreak tools. I donate to help out with what I have already received and realize that this doesn't necessitate any future anything. If you have a problem, it's your responsibility to fix it, not to ask for more handouts. It doesn't matter if 500,000 or 500,000,000 people WANT it, not one is entitled to an unlock for BB >5.08. If you need it so badly, why not start a campaign to raise enough money to put one of our amazingly gifted and hard working hackers on it full time, paid. A quick internet campaign should be able to raise $500,000 right? Or maybe those 500,000 people aren't even willing to pay $1 for the unlock because they somehow feel that someone owes them something for free. I'm sure with a $500,000 prize anything could be hacked. But how much has been donated? a lot less than $1 per download.

    I just felt that this needed to be said. </rant>

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    The OP presumably now has his phone unlocked on 3.12 as I do.
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    Because you guys were riding the train? Or...because something happened in the last 24 hours I didn't hear about...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nachobel View Post
    Because you guys were riding the train? Or...because something happened in the last 24 hours I didn't hear about...
    Whoa wait a second. Hope for 05.1107 useres

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    thehumble1 is 100% on point. I couldn't agree more. No one owes us anything. I was simply wondering why a solution wasn't being worked on since so many people apparently would like an unlock solution. And I completely agree that if 500,000 people each kicked in a buck, we'd all be unlocked really soon.

    Confucious, do you know something we don't?

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    Judging by the devs team blog, they are working on a fix. But it may not be out for a while. However, I'm thinking something will be out sooner then we think.

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