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Thread: No unlock for 05.11.07.

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    "A 3GS with 3.1 OOTB can not be JB with pwnage or RedSn0w
    The Dev Team have nothing to do this but Geo will be releasing something today"

    Any news on this yet? Thanks

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    Read his tweets - not as easy as he thought so delayed.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    what's his twitter username. thanks

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    Thanks button in advance

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    Default had to update
    i have a iphone 3Gs about 3 weeks ago is when every thing started to go wrong friends were saying like i tryed to ring you but phone was off or they could no get throgh funny things like that never ever had that problem before and then 3 days ago in the morning went to get my iphone and the iphone was dead no Battery i funny like it was full then friends were telling broblem they were haveing so i had to update and now it works great even better but i miss winterbourd cydia i loved having the denoch theme on my iphone i hope devteam come up with jb soon i now they will do there best if it wasent for those guys were will we be today

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    There has to be other people around who can solve this unlock problem. Saying don't bother unlocking 3.1 because Apple will just come out with a new one is about as smart as saying a different flu will come along next year, so lets not worry about this one. Lots of people want to make a buck, I can't believe some other group won't come out with a fix "for sale". "Freeware" is fine, but most of us would rather buy the improved software. If that was not the case, Norton wouldn't see any anti-virus software. It's an easy sell, somebody step up!!!!

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    My cousin who works for the iphone/itouch development team in CA says that there won't be any update to the MF 5.11 ANYTIME SOON. So can't understand why aren't Our guys ( dev team/geohot etc) atleast attempting to unlock it

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    Man, I badly need this unlock 05.11.07...

    I purchased a iPhone with plans on unlocking it. I had no idea all these forums existed until yesterday. Since then I learned about baseband (baseband!!!!!!!!!!!!) and all this other jailbreaking and unlocking crap.

    I'm so depressed its unreal. I waited 3 years to get an iPhone. Talked my wife into making the "investment"... and then this happens, just my frickin luck, man.

    Someone, anyone, please be working on a unlock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bianca View Post
    Ok I got and OOTB 3.1 with 5.11.7 on the phone can I just jailbreak it only I don't need to unlockit

    Please tell me if it's doable

    BlackRa1n is your answer!

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    I'm just giving up and trading my useless (to me) 3G 16gb to some guy on Craigslist for his unlocked 8gb.

    Oh well. I surrender. He gets an extra 8gb memory, I get a usable phone. Win win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelinaC View Post
    I'm just giving up and trading my useless (to me) 3G 16gb to some guy on Craigslist for his unlocked 8gb.

    Oh well. I surrender. He gets an extra 8gb memory, I get a usable phone. Win win.
    At this point, this is probably a really good call.

    I'm to the point where I'm looking at buying a factory unlocked 3Gs. For like $850.

    Upside is I won't ever have to deal with this ******** again!
    Downside is when they come out with an "iChat" phone, I'm going to be real upset I didn't buy that one instead. Could be years though, so.

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    if you do NOT need to unlock! simply use blackra1n to jailbreak. it is quick and easy (less than 1 min).

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    I just wish that the developers would come out and say that it is impossible to crack this current baseband? Its not a hard thing to tell people that they should shift there current phone for one thats not been legit upgraded?

    The Dev team and others such as Geohot deserve so much credit for what they do. Its there knowhow that enable us to use these phones free from the constraints of the single network monopoly, but as such they do have a responsibility to say one way or another weather such things are currently possible.

    Blackra1n, Greenpoison etc are great peices of software but will anyone answer the 05.11.07 unlock call soon. Thats what we need to know?

    We need the Devs knowledge, surely this cant be the end for OOTB purchasers as well as the people who have upgraded by mistake?

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    Great post Digital G.

    I 100% agree with you. I'm completely new to this game. I came into it thinking all GSM phones are unlockable, one way or another. I did some research, but not extensively. I just knew that it was possible to unlock a 3G and 3Gs...

    I activated a phone on ATT, with plans of unlocking it. Now I'm stuck with a phone on a carrier I don't want.

    I just want to know, yes it will be unlocked, but not for a month, 2 months... or not for a little while.

    Or, Its impossible to unlock. Go buy a unlocked phone, cause we will definitely not unlock this software...... I didn't screw up my updates, I didn't know anything about all this till now. I feel like I'm being punished for others mistakes. Dev team, you guys are nothing short of heros, really. You've helped THOUSANDS. Its big shoes to fill, but there are thousands more who need your help! Please, Please... PLEASE unlock 05.11.07.

    Hell, I'm willing to pay for an unlock at this point.

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    Ha! Cheers ice, you sound about as pissed as me.

    Its a tough one, you dont want to sound ungreatful to the devs, they do pretty much hold our hearts in there hands at the min, but at the same time you want to know if anyones really working on this?

    What do 99% of people use the jailbreak for???? i mean seriously, if you didnt have to do it to unlock I doubt many would bother. Of course its useful and all but its a gateway to unlock? Who will step up?

    I just watched Geohots news interview on CNN when he cracked it before on 02.0...something or other. He states that him and his buddy took there iphones home and he wasnt on AT&T so couldnt use his so he unlocked if we all had that luxury. Clever dude....we need help

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    ^^ Absolutely man. I appreciate there work, but have never benefited from it myself, as I'm completely new to this. I have read about all they have accomplished, and its awesome. I wish I was capable of half that.

    That being said... unlock, please? I just wanna know if someone is working on it. If I hear that, I'll be happy. But its tough, when your not hearing anything from anyone man.

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    I agree completely DG & Ice. I'm still unlocked and jb on 3.0.1 and haven't upgraded, so at least I have the luxury of having a useful iphone right now, but I would like to upgrade like everyone else.

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    I know ice, its terrible. Did u check out ferociousbird the other night? It was a hoax jailb & ulock that came out to try to catch the limelight from geohots black rain. My hopes were sky high and now im down again. wanted one of these phones for ages.

    Now ive got one I cant use it! all my mates have them now to so I get constant reminders that mine is just a glorified touch at the min! lol

    Someone will do something surely

    KEEP IT THAT WAY ERN! Its like torture seriously, especially if you bought it like that.

    What am I meant to say to the guy I bought it off? Have your perfectly working iphone back because I cant corrupt it with a jailbreak & unlock anymore? lol
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    It really does suck. I'm obsessed with this device. I waited 3 years to buy it, and talking my wife into it being an investment was a chore. When I left the store, I was on cloud 9, flying high. I couldn't wait to come home jailbreak and unlock my new, shiny iphone 3Gs.

    Only to find out its locked with a safe large enough to hold mount everest. My heart is broken, really. Truthfully, if I wasn't a grown man, I'd cry.

    I want, no I NEED this to my cellular device.

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    I beleive that Blackra1n can unlock your firmware to 3.1.2 Ern. It rewrites the firmware safely. But be careful! Read the info carefully....

    Thats all i can type because my eyes are welling up like Ice.

    just the unlock we need
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