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Thread: HELP! GoPhone Pick Your Plan on iPhone 3G running 3.1

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    Default HELP! GoPhone Pick Your Plan on iPhone 3G running 3.1
    I need some serious help here.

    Yesterday I bought a replacment iPhone 3G for my goPhone account Pick your Plan that I've always had no problem. I purchased a cheap ATT go phone at Walmart then activated it and put the SIM card in my iPhone. I thought no problem, I've done this before.

    Now my iPhone says 'No Service' and gets stuck on 'waiting for activation' yet when I put the sim card in the gophone I get full bars? I've never had this happen before.

    What do I need to do to get my GoPhone accnt to work with the iPhone 3G again?

    Do you think it's my sim card? Are the sim cards now prepaid and only allowed to be used on prepaid devices vs other ATT sim cards can be used with normal account?

    I'm on 3.1 with a bootloader of 5.09.07 I believe.

    Please help, I've tried everything I can think of.

    Thank you

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    Thanked 181 Times in 164 Posts really worked for you before? Cause this is the first time i heard of it.

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    Default iPhone and Go Phone
    I did the same thing and had the same problem. I will not bore you with the long drawn out fiasco it was to get my iphone working, but will tell you what the deal is.

    The SIM, at least with WalMart phones, is tied and locked to the handset for 120 days.

    You have to go into an AT&T location and ask for a new SIM card. DO NOT TELL THEM IT IS FOR AN IPHONE, they will not help you if they think you are trying to bypass their overpriced service.

    Tell them your dad/friend/wife/whatever recently upgraded their phone and offered you their old Motorola. Again, do not mention any type of smart phone.

    Once they give you the new SIM, go to your car and drop it in your iPhone.

    That's how i had to do it and it works perfectly. Of course, you could always wait the 120 days....

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    I was thinking the same thing! I went to an AT&T Reseller near my house and asked for a new sim. I told him I dropped my phone in the water and damaged the Sim card. I paid $2.01 for a new sim card and off I went.. dropped it in the 3g iPhone and boom, activated with signal.

    I started to think it was SIM card GoPhone related because on the card the sim card comes on it specifically states this "This sim card is only for use with AT&T GoPhone. Do not put other AT&T sims in the phone." It was vague, but now that I look back it makes sense! That is so odd, but typical AT&T.

    Again thank you all.

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    Does data work though (3G or otherwise)?
    I bought a prepaid SIM from AT&T, and although it says I have 3G coverage, it gives an error message (something about not being allowed) and won't connect.

    I have read elsewhere that AT$T was blocking iPhones on pre-paid SIMs, trying to force you to buy the iPhone plan.

    Is there something you can do on the phone (use a secret apn or something) to get data working on an prepaid SIM?


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    I have this gophone att sim card, and it works with my iphone 2G. The way it goes is internet usage is deducted from your minute package if I click "mail" it still works with Edge of course and edge speed. I figure we are all familiar with the slow speed but it works. I pay the $16 to keep it activated if Tmobile ever decided to go up on there 9.99 unlimited data plan. The iphone still needs to be unlocked/hactivated because you cannot activate thru itunes with the prepaid sim it will tell you to contact your service provider.

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    but if you updated to 3.1 your screwed until the new unlock is out

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    So with getting the new sim do all the features work? Can you call and text and everything?

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