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Thread: Need Help with with SIM Card Unlocking device

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    Hi everyone,

    Recently i bought an Iphone 3GS so that was use for me and its with AT&T.
    I need to buy an iphone 3g or 2g for my bro. My question are once unlocked an iphone 3G or 2G I guess no difference unlocking between the two. Once unlocked,

    - What is the best SIM Card plan for the iphone? What companies, I know t-mobile offers one, Can you AT&T or any other company offers one?

    - Yes, I know how to jailbreak and unlock the device. What about the Baseband. What version should the iphone be so the SIM Card works for a cell company?

    EDIT: I heard you don't need to unlock if you want to use a SIM CARD from AT&T Prepaid of course, IS that true?
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    AT&T will probably cut off your service with prepaid since they *require* a full iPhone plan on it.

    Your baseband needs to NOT be the 5.11.07 (the one that came with the 3.0 upgrade is fine) in order for ultrasn0w to work.

    T-Mobile flexpay is really good (not prepaid cuz that doesn't come with text or data plans, if you want those) for the iPhone if you want to save money. I have flexpay for 2 lines on the iPhone and I pay $100 for unlimited data web and 700 minutes shared. As far as I know, the standard AT&T iPhone plan for one line starts at $70 + additional fees for the required data services. So that's already more than I'm paying and it's only for 1 line.

    T-Mobile is one of the cheapest out there but if you want to do some research for other US GSM carriers, go for it. But personally I think $100 for 2 lines (basically $50 for 1) is pretty darn great.

    Oh btw, the unlock for a 2G is much easier than that of a 3G. 2G you can just run redsn0w (if it's not on 3.1) and it will unlock it just fine as well as jailbreak. 3.1 can be safely and successfully jailbroken with pwnagetool if you have a mac, on 2G you never have to worry about baseband upgrades because they just don't upgrade. So you don't need to preserve the baseband to unlock the 3.1 on a 2G. 3G is a different story.

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    Well i have a problem with mine, i accidentally upgrade my baseband to the 5.11.07 and now i am stuck without a phone to used is there any way for me to ever use my iphone every again?

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    until they figure an way for that =/ maybe in an couple of months.

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