Hello friends I am using iphone 2G and updated to 3.0.1 firmware. I tried using Redsnow but cannot jailbreak cause it frezzes on Waiting 2 Rebbot screen. Tried all tricks but still no Sucess. So I have seen an advertisement on web pages Unlock My iphone. and visited the website and the benefits were unlock iphone till 3.1 firmware. So i gave all my credit card details and asked for download link. I was happy to see download link in my mail box immediately. I tought now i would be able to unlock my iphone so i downloaded the link and when i opened the rar file i found the software inside is Quickpwn which is absolutely free of charge from all sites. So moral of the story is that this site is not fool proof it is cheat all line i wasted my USD 25. also when i wrote to the website in contact us section i got no reply. This is ******** and making all iphone user fool. They just take money and give you wrong software