Hey maybe someone can help

Itunes 9
iPhone 3G Locked with "original" sim activated
FW 3.01
BB 04.26.08
JB with redsn0w
ultras0w installed

I used the phone for a while. Because of a trip to Germany in 2 weeks I need my e-plus sim to work in the iphone. (It did on my other 3G without problem)

As soon as I insert the e-plus card I get another sim, please connect to itunes, and when I open iTunes I get sim-card not supported

What is wrong? How can I fix?

1. I could trick itunes to synch anyway - maybe. I found that when itunes is open and phone connected later it might not get the sim card not supported, but the emergency screen stays there anyways

2. Rerun redsn0w - but what will that do to my data? If I run it, with mark on cydia or without?

Please help, would rather not restore