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Thread: Downgrade iPhone 3G OS 3.1 Baseband 05.11.07 to 04.26.08

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    I downloaded fuzzyband. I got bootloader 06.02, baseband version ICE2-04.26.08, OS version 3.0.1, and it says on the bottom that I am ready for ultrasn0w. So, can I get 3.1? Will 3.1 really allow me to send picture texts? Mahalos in advanced

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    Man this really sucks i was looking forward to using my iphone now i cant does anyone want to trade a 3G THAT CAN'T BE UNLOCKED FOR AN UNLOCKABLE ONE? MY 3G IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION

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    How can i find what is my current baseband in the iphone
    please tell me the easiest way coz i am not that techie

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    Settings>General>About then scroll down to Modem Firmware. That will tell you what baseband your currently using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psixtysix View Post
    I downloaded fuzzyband. I got bootloader 06.02, baseband version ICE2-04.26.08, OS version 3.0.1, and it says on the bottom that I am ready for ultrasn0w. So, can I get 3.1? Will 3.1 really allow me to send picture texts? Mahalos in advanced
    You can send picture texts in 3.01, you dont need 3.1 to do it.
    Install ActivateMMS2G from cydia then check its switched on in settings and reboot your iphone.
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    Default Lucky B
    I must be one of the lucky ones - Followed the instructions on the site to JB my iphone3g and then checked the bootloader with Fuzzyband.....5.08 & then successfully downgraded.

    Not bad for newbie! Thanks to the OP and anyone in the same boat as me - persistence is the key and it's not too difficult. The search function is a wonderful source, just be clear in what you are asking.

    Thanks Guys


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    I know this is a stupid question but I would like to know what is ECID on Cydia's server?

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    I have an iPhone 3G. I updated to 3.1 before I knew anything about unlocking or jailbreak. Now I want to use my iPhone while travelling in India and China, thus I require to unlock the handset so I can use various sim cars while travelling.

    Situation stands, I've jailbroken with pwnage on my ppc osx. But when I insert my Orange sim card I can't get any signal.

    My firmware appears to be 05.11.07. Could somebody suggest a solution? Can I downgrade?

    Thanks, I'm still a newbie

    downloaded fuzzyband. 5.09. No solution to my sim issue until 3.1 is cracked then I'd guess?
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    Worked like a charm.....Thanks!!!

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    awwww. waiting sucks I wish I wasn't a programming newb... I would dedicate 24 hours a day to this! In all the time I've spent with an iPhone, I've seen the dev team tackle some difficult tasks. I know that the Apple programmers aren't smarter than our Devs! I've got mad love for you Devs.

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    Great post guys, and a big reward for signing up to yesterday!
    The story so far which I hope doesn't get too long!!
    Bought a 3G iPhone in UK in March on a pay-as-you-go deal. So I had a 20 SIM card which gave me free data and wifi access to internet and paid calls, which suited me fine as I just wanted it for internet and not calls as I have a Nokia N95 for that.
    After 6 months and doing all the iTunes upgrades I was keen to jailbreak the phone so I could use to record video through the camera (a feature I had found out was available with cidia and jailbroken phones). It also would have been a plus had I also been able to unlock the phone so I could use my Vodafone SIM card off the Nokia N95. - still with me?

    Spent a few pounds on wasted offers through various Google searches for 'jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones' all offering zero success other than spending hours re-instating my i-Phone through i-Tiunes. Until I came across this website and a link to Dev-Team Blog.

    So yesterday I took courage, followed the instructions and managed to successfully jailbreak my iPhone 3G 3.1v - Fantastic!! But alas! I had it jailbroken but now couldn't use it as a phone and no internet data services other than wifi, in fact nothing - no network ident - no signal.

    Until today that is when I looked at this post and followed the instructions in the first post of this thread (thanks ShageeXX!)

    I downloaded the fuzzyband 31GM and ran it through Cidia, and interestingly it confirmed that my iPhone had bootloader 5.08 even though the baseband said it was 5.11.07 (that's assuming I'm looking at the correct part of 'about' i.e. Modem Firmware? Which now says 04.26.08 thanks to the running of fuzzyband!

    So with that working without a hitch I rebooted the iPhone , which fortunately worked, but still without an apparent network signal or carrier.

    So moved to the next suggested step which was to run ultrasn0w, which is what I did by following ShageeXX's clear instructions, and guess what? After a forced boot with ultrasnOw BINGO! I now have a full signal up on screen showing the 02 logo!!

    So anyone following this thread I hope my experiences help. With a fully upgraded iPhone 3G running 3.1 (7C144) and no previous successful attempts to jailbreak, I now have a jailbroken phone AND a working telephone network thanks to you guys at MODMYI-COM! - Congratulations!

    Now I'm off to see what happens when I change the 02 SIM to the Vodafone one - fingers crossed!

    Sorry to have gone on so long, but newbies like me are often confused with some of the jargon on this site and fear that they may have misunderstood instructions and end up with a shiny iPhone 'brick'!


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    I have a iphone 3g by mistake i updated to 3.1 baseband 05.11.07 now can i jailbreak n unlock with windows is it possible?

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    Yes, from my experiences I think you can. It sounds like you have done what I did. The answer will come when you run the Fuzzyband app, when it confirms that you can downgrade the baseband. Good Luck!

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    But i dont have the fuzzyband its not jailbreak how do i jailbreak it???

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    There is a link on which will walk you through the process:
    Sadly I have only found the solution via a MAC and NOT a PC. If you don't have a MAC you will need to find someone who has one!

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    i was SO happy when i saw this, turns out im STILL stuck

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    I'm also waiting to see when the hack for the bootloader comes out. Right now i have 5.09

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    Cracking the 5.09 bootloader would be AWESOME, but it's my understanding that this is actually soldered into the phone and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Hopefully someone is diligently plugging away in their garage/basement, but I haven't heard or seen anything

    My story is, I dropped my iphone into water, it fried, had to replace from the Apple Store, new one had 3.1 already running, since I'm on t-mobile...well, needless to say I'm no longer using the iPhone (but patiently waiting!)

    Actually contemplating spending some real $$$ and buying a factory unlocked one from Aussie/HK.

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    Default 3G on 3.1
    my sister has the 8gb iphone 3g. that was updated to 3.1 by mistake.... so i tried downgrading to 3.0 and doing the whole jailbreak with the ultrasn0w unlock... but its not reading the t-mo sim... is that because the baseband is still on 05.11.xx?

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    ^ yea once you are go to 3.1 you update your beseband as well and even if you go back to any other previous firmwares your baseband stays the same, alot of us are stuck like this. no idea when a fiz is comming out

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