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Thread: Updating 3g to 3.0.1 not clear

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    Default Updating 3g to 3.0.1 not clear
    This may seem silly to ask, but I have found all the clear instructions to jailbreak then unlock a 3g running 3.0.1 using redsn0w and ultrasn0w, but it is unclear how to update to 3.0.1. I did some searches, but everything is a bit scattered.

    I just got an iphone 3g new in the mail. I don't know what is the default firmware on it. I believe I read that you need to go into dfu mode to update? Or does itunes automatically give you an option to do that?

    Also I have itunes seems like the 3g only works with itunes 8.2 and later.

    I want to use this with tmobile service. I took out the att sim that came with it. It seems like it doesn't matter whether the tmobile sim is in the phone during the jailbreak/unlock process correct?

    Can someone either write out or point me to a thread that explains how to make sure I have 3.0.1 and if not update to it with itunes starting from scratch. I have only the emergency/itunes logo screen as it should be since it is brand new. I'm not sure how to get into dfu either if that is part of the process. Thanks.

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    0 - the SIM has nothing to do with the JB/Unlock process
    1 - Make sure to download FW 3.0
    2 - Run Redsn0w 0.8
    3 - In redsn0w when asked for FW - point to FW 3.0 (YES!! even if the phone is running 3.0.1

    When done: Enjoy!
    Do hope that helps


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    Thanks, I appreciate the response. But are you suggesting we can assume the phone came with 3.0.1 already on it? I just got it today.

    Ok everything is alright, it did have 3.0.1 already installed straight out of the box. All is good.
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