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Thread: iphone3g sim card in iphone 2g not working?

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    Default iphone3g sim card in iphone 2g not working?
    I have searched for an answer and have yet to find one on this.. I have a 3g iphone and want to use a 2g iphone (just Because) Both are Jailbroken. The 2g when i insert my 3g's (not 3gs) sim card will not get an at&t signal. it shows up like it has one mini bar but no AT&T next to it,, everything worked before my brother upgraded to his (3gs) so i know it's not the phone.. why wont my at&t sime card for the 3g phone work in a 2g iphone?? Should make no difference..

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    The SIM is just an identifier - that is NOT the problem.
    Most probably the malfunctioning phone needs a restore - make 100% SURE to set up the phone a NEW PHONE in iTunes after restore.
    Do hope that helps


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    You will need to download bootneuter from Cydia and unlock the device. After that you should get service. I know you're using an AT&T SIM card but just trust me... I think it has to do with the fact that you most likely HACKtived your iPhone instead of activating through iTunes. Unlocking it will solve the issue.

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    Will try bootNeuter, I did in fact restore and jailbreak after i got it.. One question? stupid or not.. Would i need to have my sim card in when i do the neuter.. I Did not want to do anything to the sim just in case.. I would rather do the bootneuter with it out if that is doable.. Not sure thought i would ask.. Thanks..

    Update: Bootneuter worked and di not have sim card.. little scary for a sec there determining current settings seem to sit there for a while.. to the point of me searching for answer and finding all sorts of bad stuff.. but i just waited and i am on att good to go.. thanks..
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