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Thread: How do I track my stolen phone?

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    Cool How do I track my stolen phone?
    My wife hsd her phone stolen off the dinner table last night. The people hav already charged 1600.00 on our phone bill. How can we track the phone down if we had no apps on it except the defalt ones?

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    I would start by calling your carrier if you haven't all ready, at least they can disable it.

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    which type of iPhone was it? 2G or 3G? If it was a 3G you still might be able to get a mobileme account to locate the stolen phone
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    Call your provider. If it's through AT&T they can disable it. If it's T-Mo then they will just be able to disable the SIM card. I think AT&T blacklists the IMEI so it won't be able to be used on AT&T again, but I could be wrong.

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    Most urgently you need to block your SIM - this you do as said by calling yr carrier. If you are lucky the carrier can provide a list of calls made since you got it stolen. This list can then be provided to the police for further investigation. (No priority issue for them though...)

    You need to know the IMEI to block the phone - it is then blocked with ANY carrier.
    If you do not have that the "geniuses" can retrive it if you have yr serial number.

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    Do hope that helps


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