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Thread: Problem syncing with iTunes (The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear...)

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    Default Problem syncing with iTunes (The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear...)
    So yeah I'm now getting the "The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported." error, and I just need an easy way to get around it. I tried Google-ing and could not get a good answer.

    So I have a jailbroken iPhone on 3.0, unlocked with ultrasn0w. My iPhone was purchased with Softbank Japan, and I unlocked it while in Japan. When I came back to the US I inserted my T-Mobile card and got it to work. But now when I try to connect it to iTunes, it gives me this error.

    I don't want to restore my iPhone because I don't want to lose all the modifications I've done to it. Is there any way to deactive my phone so I can activate it with the T-Mobile card, or get iTunes not to check for this. Also turning my iPhone to Airplane mode does nothing.

    I've also tried to use ImToo Iphone Transfer to get around having to use iTunes, which does work, kinda, it doesn't sort my music for some reason in the database, just adds it all to the "123" category in some random order.
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    Try to uninstall ultra... reboot.. reinstall.. reboot.

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    no dice

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    I'm having the same issue.
    My phone has been working completly ok for the past 2 months. This morning iTunes suddenly decides that my sim is not activated. However the phone itself is working fine.
    I bought the phone unlocked already, from what i can tell it was unlocked with ultrasnow.
    I'm on Tmobile, phone os is 3.0, computer os is w7 and itunes version is 8.1

    So far the only thing i have found on the web is to re-activate it using Redsn0w. However since i was not the one to unlock the phone in the first place im kinda scared of bricking it.

    Will post back if I find a solution. Good luck to all!

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    I am having 3GS 32GB on 3.0.. Used to get connected to itunes very well all these days..but suddenly since last 3 days it says SIM NOT SUPPORTED,ACTIVATE YOUR SIM.... Itunes is and my carrier is VODAFONE from Bombay,India. Is it universal blocking from APPLE? Do help. Thanks

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    Hmm, something fishy might be going on here...

    Try blocking any sort of outgoing connection from iTunes. Apple might start phoning home on every sync now...

    Are all you guys on the iPhone 3Gs?

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    I'm getting the very same thing. I upgraded to 3.1.2 about 2 weeks ago. Everything worked fine until an hour ago. iTunes was at 9.whatever like it was earlier in the week when I had synced it up before. I'm not too savvy when it come to fixing problems like this. I hope there's a fix.

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