Hi all,

I live in Australia where we can get a legitimate unlock. The unlock is applied by our Telco, and once unlocked you normally have to restore the phone via Itunes to apply the unlock which is then permanent.

I have read however that there is some way to kick the iphone back into it's "pre-activated" state, so that I can just plug into itunes, it's activated, and then the unlock is applied.

Does anyone know how I might do this? It's a 3GS if that makes a difference. I'm sure I read it was possible and it used some old version of quickpwn/pwnage or something (it might have been some other utility of some sort).

The main reason I want to avoid restoring is I'd have to go through the whole process of restoring etc and reloading 30odd GB of music back on (which is just painful!).

Any suggestions appreciated