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Thread: Help 3GS Iphone won't boot up!

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    Default Help 3GS Iphone won't boot up!
    Hello all

    Guys I need your help, long story short my iphone won't book up past the apple screen and I don't know what to do next!

    I have tried everything and search Google high and low for a fix, it appears most people are able to get a fix but I have tried several now with no luck.

    Tried the power and home button into itunes mode but Itunes doesn't see the iphone. Tried various methods of this fix now.

    It does a power up cycle where it shows the apple logo and allows me to connect but then after five mins it drops the connection and then I have to wait to reconnect again but it only connects for a few mins at a time which doesn't give me much time to do anything.

    Tried to rejail break which it goes through the motions fine but after it loads the apple logo and doesn't move anywhere.

    Can anyone please help me with it?

    Thank you


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    If there's no sign of you jailbreaking it, I'd say take it into the Apple store and have them swap it with you. Just say you were trying to update to the 3.0.1 software for the SMS hack and it got stuck after that. Since it's less than a month old they should just swap out a brand new one to you on the spot. You may have to make a genius bar appointment.

    It's worth a try.

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    Hold power + home until you see the iTunes logo. This is recovery mode and your computer should see the phone. Then restore. If this don't work put into DFU mode from recovery mode by holding home for 5 seconds... then power + home for 10 secs.. then continue to hold home until iTunes sees your phone.

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    hey, i have the exact problems, im just wondering (since im not planning on unlocking, just jailbreaking) is it okay if i upgrade to the official 3.1, making my phone usable, then wait for the official jailbreak for 3.1?
    all I've been hearing is that once you upgrade to official 3.1, you lose the ability to unlock forever, but does that mean i can still jailbreak?

    thanks in advance

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