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Thread: can I have iphone 3GS on ATT with no data plan?

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    Default can I have iphone 3GS on ATT with no data plan?
    I want to upgrade to 3gs but I dont want the data plan. How can I do that?

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    ebay a 3gs, tell att that u want to block all internet access, jailbreak the 3gs

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    I want to get it directly from ATT as an upgrade and then jailbreak it and use it without a data plan. Is that possible?

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    AT&T requires a data plan on all iPhone's. That's how they make their money back on the subsidy. You could try calling a sales person and see if they will sell you one with out a data plan, but most likely wont.
    Another option like the past poster said, get a free/cheap phone from att. Buy an iPhone 3g from ebay/craigs list (does not have to be unlocked)put the att sim card from the free/cheap phone in the iPhone.
    Now you have an iPhone with no data. But remember visual voice mail will not work (it uses cell phone data)you will only see a badge when you get voice mail.

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    I contacted att, apparently I could buy the phone for $499 and ask them to take it out from the line as if I dont want to use it anymore and then jail break it and use it again on the line - has anyone tried it?

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