For some unknown reason I can't connect to ultrasn0w.com / repo666.ultrasn0w.com through our ISP. All other web sites seem fine and it's not a DNS issue, the connection just eventually times out. Using an HTTP proxy in FireFox I can get to both sites fine... go figure.

I've tried adding the same proxy settings to my WiFi config on the iPhone but still Cydia refuses to see repo666... (Maybe Cydia doesn't know about proxies?)

I also tried connecting over GSM but our coverage is so poor here that even GPRS comes and goes let alone EDGE or 3G (whatever that mysterious beast may be).

Is it possible that another repo hosts ultrasn0w and I can try that instead? Or could someone upload the file here and I can install on the phone via ssh and not Cydia?

Suggestions welcome....



Yes, I know the 'O' of ultrasn0w is a zero. ;-)