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Thread: Upgraded to 3.0, jailbroke... no love on the Unlock

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    Default Upgraded to 3.0, jailbroke... no love on the Unlock
    Well, two problems actually.

    I can follow the instructions on redsn0w just fine, but the issue is when I restore/jailbreak via redsn0w. At that point, my iPhone has "No Service". I read in a thread here that I should not sync from an old profile, but setup as a new phone. That's all fine and dandy, but now I have no contacts, and don't see a way to get them back (they're not in the address book for some reason).

    And then, I put in a nother SIM card. I get a little bar, but it doesn't have a carrier. Nothing in the top left corner, no carrier menu in the settings. Am I missing something?

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    did you unlock via Ultrasn0w in Cydia after jbreaking

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    I follwed these instructions here. To get my contacts back I've since had to restore to an old backup, back up the contacts (yeah, my fault) then rebreak. I will give it a shot again.

    It doesn't give me any type of "this SIM is incompatible message" so I'm assuming that's good. There is a possibility I've got a crap SIM card. I just borrowed it from a friend.

    EDIT: Boy, I certainly am a retard. I downloaded the sources, and didn't install. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go beat the piss out of myself for wasting bandwidth.

    I get the "dropped service" errors though. I'll look in the other threads that issue this. There seems to be a few.

    Uggh... is this confirmed?
    Here is the only solution / workround to the no Service problem, Switch IPHONE OFF, remove sim and place in a working phone, boot up and place a call to any number eg answer phone, switch off phone place in Iphone boot it back up and within 30 seconds full signal and service provider, warning this needs to be done everytime you switch off, I know it is no ideal but until a fix is issued this will get you working.
    Only have foreign SIMs... and no phone to use them on. I'm only testing at the moment anyway though.
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    im with you,

    i have a 3g on 3.0 fw

    bad iphone

    horrible signal


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    This may or may not be a new take. I'm using Softbank as my carrier as I'm in Japan. I jailbroke and ran ultrasn0w just fine. At some point in all the flipping around, I now get "No Service" with my Softbank SIM in. O_o

    I can always repeat the process, but this seems a bit like a hassle. I guess it's still beta, so I can't moan. Takes up a lot of time though, eh?

    EDIT: I had 3G & Data Roaming off... turned 'em on and I'm back on Softbank.
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