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Thread: 3G w/ 3.0, redsn0w, ultrsn0w, not working on foreign SIM

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    Default 3G w/ 3.0, redsn0w, ultrsn0w, not working on foreign SIM
    I just sold my 3G, 3.0, jailbroken w/ redsn0w, and unlocked w/ ultrasn0w using cydia, to a lithuanian here in boston... (craigslist)
    before i sold it to him it tested fine w/ my friend's tmobile SIM and was stable and made calls.

    his SIM (from lithuania, some tiny company) would show no signal, or jump from AT&T to TMobile (both at good strength) sporadically. WHEN it was on a network it could call/TXT fine. rebooting was no help, it was just random between such states. he wanted to find a way to manually select carrier, which would presumably be a fix, but we saw no such option. through google i've seen references to a "carrier select" menu w/ other unlocks (old releases and dif unlock methods of course). his SIM worked/s fine on a standard unlocked cell phone.

    1) do you have any idea how to make his sim work consistently? i have seen some disjointed advice, but want the best advice to pass on to him.
    2) also, is there any way to get a manual carrier/network select option going? he seemed intent to have this anyways, once back in europe.

    much appreciated, i do not want to sell someone a phone they cannot use, and if i cannot help him, i will have to buy the phone back. bla bla...

    many thanks,

    apologize if clear fix is out there, i'm new and searched hard; also i do not have the phone, he does, so i will be relaying this. so trying stuff will be delayed/difficult.

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    I think it is weird that he doesn't get the Carrier Selection menu whenever his sim is in the phone. Whenever I put a Tmobile sim into my Unlocked AT&T 3G the menu is always there. I just tried it yesterday to make sure that when I send it to my brother in Europe it will work.

    I get the menu on my 3.0 3G so it isn't just the older jailbreaks that had it.

    Maybe it just requires a fresh jailbreak/unlock.

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