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Thread: Iphone 2G 3.0 unlocked apple store apps don't work

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    Question Iphone 2G 3.0 unlocked apple store apps don't work
    Here is the data:
    Iphone 2G
    Upgrade 3.0 with redsnow on windows xp

    Since the beginning I've being using Pwnage to jailbrake and unlock my iphone in my Mac Powerbook G4. Always worked with some minor issues.

    Now with 3.0 I wasn't able to use Pwnage on my Mac neither Redsnow, I've heard that this is because it has to be an intel mac and can't be done with my G4.

    Nevertheless I switched to my PC and was able to do the trick with Redsnow.

    Now is when the funny part comes, everything is working fine including MMS (after installing ActivateMMS), but what is not working are all the Apps from Apple "IF" I donwload them from the AppStore BUT, the cracked version of the same Apps work if I download them from :Facebook, MBox etc...

    Crazy as it sounds but maybe someone out there knows what is the problem or how can I make this work.
    Another less important but anoying problem is that with the MMS settings set to I can't have internet and visceversa if I used then I have internet and can't use MMS.

    Mind that I read and researched a lot about this last issue and I think is less agravating than the apps one.
    So, any have any IDEA why this new problem with my apps?...

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    The problem is you need to buy your apps instead of stealing them.

    Discussion of anything cracked/pirated/warez not allowed on this forum.

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    Can't believe you take the time to be so damm and give that type of answer.....not only I had purchased apps from the app store but also donwloaded others from cydia since they are not available on the app store.
    Why to waste more time answering....cant tell the type of smarty you think you are...

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    First off, quit using cracked apps. When installed, they **** with regular apps somehow. The solution is deleting all apps (legit and cracked), rebooting the phone and installing an app from the App Store that you've never used (any free one) and launching that. It should allow you to redownload and use your legit apps.

    As for your MMS problem, you need to find an IPCC file with your settings. I couldn't find one for my setup (epc.tmobile for Internet and wap.voicestream for MMS), so I made one. I've seen internet2 and wap IPCC files, so just look around.

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