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Thread: 3G ultrasnow unlock question

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    Default 3G ultrasnow unlock question
    I was wondering if this screen has anything to do with ultrasn0w, as I'm trying to figure out if I have conflicting services running.

    Anyone else getting this screen and unable to gain signal?

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    Do you have some type of turbo sim in your phone, that you forgot to take out?

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    I got it from some salesman, so I'm unsure how it has been unlocked in the past - Where can I locate a turbo sim? If it's just like a normal sim card, then no, I only have my local sim card in the slot. Thanks for the reply

    Bumping this - Could use some clarification if this screen is ultrasn0w related?
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    looks like someone has been inside you messed with your hardware, you will have the turbo sim basically bodged into your phone. So it appears the phone has been factory unlocked but in reality its just got a turbo sim inside.

    Take it back to the store if you can, if not then really I'm unsure of what you can do.

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    I am not able to bring it back to the store unfortunately - But that screen must be activated somehow, so isn't it also software related, correct me if I'm wrong. Shouldn't I be able to SSH into the device and delete it?

    If it's purely hardware related, do you have any idea where I can find that turbo sim or whatever it is? Is there a way to open the phone to look inside the sim card slot?
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    Have you removed the SIM yet and seen if whoever you bought it from put a TurboSIM or something in.

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    In the top of your iPhone 3G is a little hole. Use a clip and press out the simcard.
    If you have some kind of unlockcard. It will be located there together with your
    normal simcard.
    It looks like you have a Mr. Unlocking unlock card installed.
    Thats the text it gives when you first use a Mr. Unlocking card !!!
    Take it out and try without. If you cant get carrier service.
    Your iPhone is simlocked. I belive it is.
    And also check what version your iPhone is running.
    Go into Setttings / General / About and look at the middle under "VErsion"
    If it says 2.2 its great. If it says 2.2.1 you need to update it to the new 3.0
    and then use Redsno0w to jailbreak it and after use Cydia to install Ultrasn0w
    Then you have a software unlocked iPhone again ;-)

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    I already updated it to 3.0 - I dont use any kind of unlock sim card, I only have my original service providers' Sim card installed. Did full restore a few times so I dont understand why this message still pops up.

    My guess is that it has been attached inside the phone, so I'm wondering how I can remove it again, maybe by opening up the phone.

    Thanks for the replies

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