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Thread: T-Mobile unlocked using ultrasn0w - can't make/receive calls or send texts

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    Default T-Mobile unlocked using ultrasn0w - can't make/receive calls or send texts
    Afternoon all,

    So I installed ultrasn0w. Great. It went through fine and appeared to unlock my phone. I get a full 3G signal on my iPhone but for some reason I can't make or recieve calls and I also can't send texts. I'm completely confused.

    Plus when I try to call the phone I get the message "calls are not currently being connected to this number".

    If I put this sim card back on my other phone everything works perfectly well. Very, very odd.

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    i believe youare supposed to turn 3g service off on ur iphone before you install it...

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    Surely if that was the case then ultrasn0w wouldnt have installed properly?

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    ultrasn0w would have installed regardless. just disable 3g under network settings. if that doesnt work then power cycle. if that doesnt work take the sim out, power cycle, and reinsert (although this technically is no longer required by ultrasn0w)

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    Done all that, same thing. Its almost like the phone's been plocked or something. Is that possible?

    Or maybe its a T-Mobile thing?

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    I wasn't able to receive calls last night shortly after I installed ultrasn0w. It seemed to be fixed this morning. I'm guessing it was a T-Mobile thing? I don't see a reason T-Mobile would block your phone. At most they may force you to upgrade your data plan if you're on T-Zones.

    You could try resetting your network settings, reinstalling ultra, calling T-Mobile, or restoring and starting from scratch.
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    Was it make/receieve calls and send messages or just make calls?

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    Hi mate

    You seam to be having the exact same problem as me

    If possible could you add me on msn ([email protected])

    If not that is also my email adress so if u want to email and we could try to sort the problem out together if u havent already


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    Quote Originally Posted by Glassy80 View Post
    Was it make/receieve calls and send messages or just make calls?
    I couldnt receive calls at the time. Although now I'm not entirely sure if I can receive MMS messages. I can definitely send them but the one test I had with a friend, she got mine, I didnt get hers. Maybe her Blackberry doesnt have the correct settings.

    If it helps I have a iPhone 3G 8GB on 3.0 jailbroken with PwnageTool 3.0
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    I had this problem, my carrier signal and edge would go in and out. It had something to do with the iphone not saving my number. I went to Settings>Phone>My Number entered my number then rebooted. It seemed to fix my problem maybe it'll work for some of you. Goodluck

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    any help in unlocking my 3G 2.2.1 f/w? i tried ultrasnow, it doesnt seems to work. its already jailbroken. please please help...

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    this is how i did it.

    Iphone OS3.0 unlocked on Tmobile, enabling Internet/Tethering/MMS

    by khang on Jun.23, 2009, under Gadgets, Technology, Tips

    1. Upgrade to OS 3.0 using this custom FW, already jailbreaked w/ Cydia and ICY. Download iphone OS 3.0 FW.
    2. Use Cydia or Icy, add source
    3. Install Ultrasn0w
    4. Download the
    5. Make sure itunes is not running
    6. Mac - open a terminal and type in..
    defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE
    Windows - open up a command shell and type in:
    “%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    This should now allow you to update your iPhones IPCC file in itunes 8.2 via Shift-Update (Windows) or Command-Update (Macintosh) in itunes. Choose the IPCC File and install
    7. Go here to Enable telnet and MMS It does it automatically, and took 5 seconds to work.
    8. on iphone, go to Settings -> General -> Cellular Data Network:
    Cellular Data:

    Visual Voicemail:

    MMS Proxy
    MMS Max Message Size:
    MMS UA Prof URL:

    9. Reboot iphone, and you should see the camera icon when you’re in SMS application

    It works for me - sending and receiving. Very good quality. I tried sending and receiving to Sprint & Verizon phones. AT&T doesn’t work, so didn’t try yet. Let me know if you’ve try on the other service providers. Have fun and good luck.

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    I have a question about the first step of this process.

    "Upgrade to OS 3.0 using this custom FW, already jailbreaked w/ Cydia and ICY. Download iphone OS 3.0 FW."

    I had an iPhone on 2.2.1. I upgraded to version 3.0 of the O/S by clicking update within iTunes. That then upgraded my iPhone to 3.0. I then downloaded redsn0w and pointed it to the ipsw file on my windows machine from the upgrade within iTunes, which installed Cydia. I then installed ultrasn0w with 3G disabled. I then rebooted.

    I get a full T-Mobile signal. The problem is I cant make or recieve calls or send texts.

    This is different to what you have said above.

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    Default mms and visual
    ok, two things, i did what u say, and pic mail icon did come up everything it working, acept not able to send, here's a stupid part, i don't have any internet, i have use swirly mms and it work without any internet, i use that mms settings, and i had double check i have no wifi, and it works, i was able to send and recieve pic no problme, but i know i choose the settings with that ip address with mms settings, only problme i cant able to enter the rest of the part in, second thing, i see visual voicemail deal??? the settings for it, will it work for tmobile??? i would love to get that to work. thx for posting, i just need to figure the rest.

    here's what i did. i use unlock it thing and set up, the part it said enable mms or what ever ten something option, won't let me click it. i m using thx

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    My phone didn't make calls after installed ultrasn0w, only incomming calls. I solved the problem inserting my PIN number at Settings-> Phone-> SIM PIN -> Change PIN -> enter your PIN number .

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    hi, i have the same issue. did anyone find a way to solve this?

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    I just jailbroke/unlocked my 3G and everything seems to be working fine. It took a minute or two for the T-Mobile SIM to register and pull up bars but other then that I seem good to go! Wi-Fi works and everything. No problems here!

    Thanks everyone!

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    I just wrote a tutorial for dummies how to jailbrake, unlock and activate installation of cracked or hacked applications on iPhone. I t worked for me and all my friends than check it out:
    link removed
    I had a problem that I was unable to receive calls and text messages were delayed ... if this is the problem give me a shout and I'll try to find my notes .. .I think that it was something related to the SSH, 3G and edge :-)
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    hi, still having major issues.

    it recognises that its on t-mobile, but i still cant call out or recieve calls

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    If you have anything trying to use Push Notification, delete it.
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