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Thread: is this a mess? long background history + 2 quick questions

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    Default is this a mess? long background history + 2 quick questions
    dear modders,

    i presume that you get countless, petty, requests from numerous souls looking for answers that are out there online in numerous guises... I hope that this request is not considered just another useless waste of your time and that you may be able to help me (and many others) with your knowledge....?

    I have succesfully managed two iphones - one 1st gen and one 3G - for a couple of years now but today hit a big hangup with the 3G. (Don't worry this isn't a baseband update query!)

    I haven't been able to use the WIFI for approximately 3 months now and have exhausted all software-based options. (I have pretty firmly established that it is hardware based.)

    Today I wanted to eliminate the last option available to me: I restored the phone as per normal in previous update situations..... (modem is still fine on 02.28) Then I realised - when I got to Cydia to install yellowsn0w - that, due to the lack of a WIFI signal, I couldn't get online to perform the necessary install(!).

    I then used Pwnage's built in Expert feature to choose the appropriate packages to preinstall in the custom IPSW file - and those chosen packages now show up on the phone inside Cydia's Package Manager - but none of their appropriate files show up on the springboard. (For example, Boss Prefs was one of my packages that I asked Pwnage to preload onto the IPSW and it is present on the phone in the installed Packages section of Cydia (and so is yellowsn0w amongst many others). But my springboard is only showing the default apps that load with the phones OS.(!)

    The phone looks like everything is installed correctly - but isn't behaving in the way that one is expecting at this stage.(!)

    So.... If you could please advise me at this stage I would be most grateful......

    1. Am I presuming incorrectly that Pwnage can preload the appropriate unlocking apps (yellowsno0w) so that I don't need to go through the unlocking steps?

    2. If I still do need to install yellowsn0w manually through Cydia (and the necessary WIFI connection) then do I need to get the new comm board into the phone in order to restore WIFI capabilities?

    I appreciate you reading through this rather long message in full and thank you in advance for your kind help with this matter....

    Yours gratefully


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    1. The Dev team traditionally only loads the 3G unlock into Cydia. At one point there was a custom windows quickpwn made called Quicksn0w that would pre-load yellowsn0w. I don't know if this dev will do the same thing on this version or not. There was never one made for Mac.

    2. I am not a hardware expert so I defer to one1 or cpjr.

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