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Thread: Can't get this iphone to turn off... UGH, Help!

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    Default Can't get this iphone to turn off... UGH, Help!
    Hey everyone,

    I had successfully unlocked an iphone and happily used it for 9 months. Well it crapped out and nothing I could do could get it to come back. Soooo, I was able to find another one which I am trying to unlock now with pwnage. Everything going well UNTIL it is time to put it in DFU mode. this thing will not turn off. I have held the power button (slider does not come on), held home and power for minutes, unplugges it from my mac - no go.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this thing to turn off so I can finish the unlock? It is on the itunes/usb screen. my mac recognizes it and said need a sim, blah blah.

    Using a brand new macbook, os 10.5.6 - dont think that's the problem - its that the iphone will not turn off.

    Thanks for your help

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    Update to 10.5.7 and try again could be you have a problem getting the mac to recognise dfu mode, also make sure the timing is correct for letting go the power button, use the guides for advice
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    hey thanks, I'll give that a try.. but even when I don't have the phone plugged into the mac I still cant get the phone to turn off. I held the power button for 5 minutes and it just wont turn off. It's so frustrating.

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    The button must be broken, obviously, so it would be a hardware problem. This is just an educated guess from what you posted, but I'm fairly certain that is the problem.

    I would suggest popping it open only if you know about that kind of stuff. Otherwise you could send it to someone who can fix it for you. I would wait until a mod moves this thread to hardware so you can get some expert opinions on it rather than educated guesses.
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    Can you leave it with screen switched on and so run down the battery completly, this will tell you if its just "stuck" or there is a hardware problem, before you go anf 'open' the phone.

    There is no way to turn it off, other than take out the battery, but only way to do that is to open it. I think best choice is to just try and let the battery drain, so don't charge it but use it and even when low let it get right down

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