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Thread: Genius Bar breaks iPhone by updating BL 5.0.9!

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    Question Genius Bar breaks iPhone by updating BL 5.0.9!
    Hello to all. Although there are numerous threads closely related to this subject, I felt it was necessary to begin a separate thread since my post has differences that I feel are worth a dedicated discussion. Here goes...

    A neighbor of mine in my building whom I had jailbroken her 3g iphone for her came by last night and said she had a problem. I looked at the phone and lo and behold, the "connect to itunes" screen of death. It appears that her phone had been upgraded to 2.2.1 (5H11) and BL: 5.09 MF: 2.30.03. That pretty much explains her situation if you've been reading lots of posts that appear here lately. This itself is not a unique situation, but read on...

    I had warned her to sync her iphone to her heart's delight, but just NEVER to update it unless she checked with either me or MMI (here) to see what the verdict is on the particular update. Worth noting is that she is a legitimate AT&T subscriber and, as such, we did not attempt to UNLOCK the phone, but simply used Pwnage Tool to jailbreak it at the time.

    So, I asked her how this happened. Apparently, her phone was acting weird and she just so happened to be at the mall where there was an Apple Store. Forgetting what I had told her about needing to restore the iphone if ever needing official Apple support, she waited for a genius bar rep. to see her and she hands him her iphone. He takes a quick look while rebooting and immediately says, "this here has been unlocked and we can't help you anymore with this phone as you've voided the warranty by performing such unapproved upgrades". She played dumb and claimed to not understand what the problem was.

    Up to this point, nothing has been done to the phone except still was functioning, albeit sluggishly. She should've been sent away without support...but after noting the serial number of the phone in order, I suppose, to terminate further support options for that iPhone, for some reason or another, the tech recommends that she allow him to update the phone for her by restoring it, claiming that it would "probably resolve the problems for her". The tech performs an upgrade (after voiding her support...??) and upon the phone booting up, they notice the "connect to iTunes screen/emergency lock" screen and when iTunes loads, they get the "invalid or unrecognized sim".

    Obviously perturbed by the fact that now she had an unusable phone, she inquires what she is to do. The genius bar guy shows her the "invalid SIM" message on his screen and recommends she walk over to the AT&T store to obtain a working SIM card and that would resolve the problem. Make a long story a bit shorter -- AT&T looks at the phone, pops in a new SIM card, gets the same problem, and tells her it's an issue that Apple needs to address, and sends her back to Apple Store!

    This is where things get interesting (to me, at least)...

    Back at Apple Store, waited again in line for another genius rep. and when she explains her recent interactions to the rep, the guy responds, "oh your phone no longer is eligible for support since it had been unlocked, sorry we can't help you. You could always buy a new one". This is what pisses me off. I can understand that she made a boo-boo by bringing in an altered phone to be looked at by an Apple employee, but the bottom line is that she walked in with a working telephone, at which point her warranty/support contract was voided and then the Apple representative goes ahead and breaks her phone by performing ANYTHING on it after admitting that they were not allowed to help her, and she leaves with a non-working telephone!!!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but am I missing something?? They ought to have followed protocol and simply NOT "helped" her. At least that way, she would still have a working telephone.

    Lastly, and here is where the post will sound like many others that have come before it: in an attempt to get it working again, I entered DFU and did a restore then used QuickPwn and had success with that. I now appear to have a iPod Touch! For some reason, i cannot get it to register with AT&T. I was under the impression that the baseband upgrade would eliminate the ability to used the phone as an unlocked device, and that official AT&T sims would not be adverselely effected, since all we ever did was to jailbreak it to begin with. What is the bottom line here? Can I get this to work with an official AT&T account somehow or do I need to argue the point with Apple that they may owe us a replacement due to the fact that their employee violated his own declared policy and effectively sabotaged her phone?

    Thank you and very sorry for the length of the post. Just wanted to give you all the pertinent information in order to get worthwhile responses.

    Hope everyone is having a nice day. I told my neighbor not to worry and that it could be way worse...hell, my iphone could be bricked! ha ha ha

    Thanks again,

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    Restoring the phone should have nothing to do with it working with ATT.

    If you used quickpwn (or pwnage) you cant choose the "activate" option or it wont work. But there is no reason it shouldnt be working now. Try restoring in itunes to an official, clean 2.2.1 and activate...first. Then jailbreak.

    PS- I know it sux......but Apple techs specifically ask you before restoring your phone....and you can tell them no. She should have refused.
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    Thanks for the quick replies. I, too, was under the impression that QuickPWN should have no adverse affects if using with AT&T SIM, but as sure as I stand here now, I am holding her phone with her SIM (that works fine in my iPhone), and when I go to Settings->About it shows Carrier to be (null) (null), and while I can get to the dialer no problem, whenever I attempt to Call, it immediately reports "Call Failed"

    thanks for any and all feedback.

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    Give it a clean restore in itunes.

    What FW version was on it before?? Usually you only get "null null" problems when downgrading.

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    will try suggestion, thanks.

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    i have almost the same problem, my question is do you have to have a 3g sim card for the iphone 3g to work?

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    I had the null null as well once when the registration through iTunes had a hiccup. Started the whole process over and it came out just fine.
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    The new SIM was probably never entered into their systems properly and there was no way to test on the spot before they sent you away with it.

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    had same prob .... i had used qkpwn 2.5 and jailbroken when inserted sim no netwrk had to get qkpwn 2.2 and when jailbroken inserted sim and wrked perfectly seems 2.5 can be used for any carrier but AT&T.....

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    I'm afraid Apple are only doing their job.

    You are not supposed to be able to get an apple iphone without a contract, so the apple reps have no choice or no obligation to assist, and possibly aren't allowed to assist.

    I bought an iphone on ebay and when it arrived it was a poor fake. I was then told to get paperwork to say it was a fake. Went to apple store, and they refused to help, or rather couldn't help.

    No one including the manager would commit anything to paper. Again the issue is you can't buy an apple iphone anywhere other than a legit store and with a contract, so their hands were tied.

    On the jailbreak and modem software upgraded, that was my exact question a few weeks back on this board, called what the deal with unlock.

    I had the concern too that you wouldn't be able to use a legit AT&T sim on a pwaned device with the unlockable modem software. Responses seemed to suggest that it would be ok, but its looking like its maybe not that straightforward ?

    My other concern is that the jailbreak is at the hardware level, and the guys say it can't be stopped without a hardware change ?

    Looka like Apple have closed the unlock hole, and next is the new iphone with different hardware ?? and perhaps the jailbreak hole closed as well ?

    Maybe those with a current 3g or 2g should hold onto them as the days may well be numbered ?

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    your "friend" made 2 boo boo's. first of all, going to apple while it was jailbroken when she had basically a tech support living right near her. second, they asked and she said go ahead.

    very odd situation none the less. but could have easily been avoided if she paid any attention to your suggestions.

    try as cpjr said. goodluck
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    Wait, you said that she is an AT&T customer , so why worry about it upgrading the BL if all your doing is jailbreaking not unlocking ?

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