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Thread: Unlocked Iphone on 'Three' Network UK help

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    Default Unlocked Iphone on 'Three' Network UK help
    i have an iphone unlocked via yellowsnow

    on 2.2

    well indoors it has completely rubbish signal hardly can ever make a call , its perfect outdoor, its not my sim , its my phone , well i tried in another iphone and it still has same rubbish network , outdoors perfect

    when i try in another nokia phone etc its full signal , i have tried my fathers and my sim both vice versa in iphones and different phones, but indoors they have a problems with the iphone

    can anybody please help resolve this issue as a lot of money has been spent on these and we both have a sim only contract with 'three' so thats the only sim we really use


    please reply & help

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    i have iphone 3g unlocked with yellowsn0w and im using three on it as well.
    i've been using it since the yellowsn0w came out and it works great.
    3G works fine getting signal is fine.
    but recently i get problem with indoors. when im indoors i cannot make calls nor use anything with the network. but it shows fulll bars?!
    so i tried it with my nokia ("three" gave me nokia n95 8gb with my contract). on my nokia same thing happens.
    im inside my shop and i have full 3G bars but no in or outgoing calls can be made nor the 3G data. when im in the open its not a problem. i get good speed and etc on both nokia and iphone.
    i tired turning 3G off on iphone. and it works!
    it works great. out going calls and incoming calls and etc.
    obviously if i use data its slow coz no 3G on but its still better then no network.
    with nokia there is no option to turn off the 3G. so i have to use my iphone in my shop.
    its quite annoying with the speed.
    i rang three and they said they have problem in my area (i live in central Harrow) and told me to just sit and wait.
    so i complaint that i use my phone mostly at work, but with the network issues i am unable to get and make calls plus i cant use my unlimited internet on it! and they gave me a 5GBP credit for my unlimited internet thing. better then nothing i guess...
    so try turning 3G off. it will work and if i were u i will stop using three and get o2's simplicity. well good luck

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    If you turn 3G off Three will close your account when they realise, it will work for a while then you will be fooked.
    If you want decent 3G forget Three or O2 and go for T-Mob.
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    Totally disagree with confucious remark about t-mobile 3g being good cos where I work in croydon it was crap on my n95, I used to have to turn of 3g just so I could make and recieve calls. On o2 I have no 3g in work. I believe three use o2 network when u can't get a 3g signal. So if u have if u have low signal in house turn off 3g and u should b able to use o2. I turn mine off where I can't get a good 3g signal as it wastes battery having it search for 3g constantly.

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    As with all networks your reception may vary.
    Three used to use o2 for 2G (they have no 2G network of there own which is why they do not let you switch off 3G) but switched to Orange some years ago.
    Provided you have reception the best networks for speed in the UK are, in descending order T, Voda, O2, Orange and Three - although I could be wrong on the positions of O2 and orange.
    Different networks do have better coverage in different areas so you do need to check where you are.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Turned out 3 were having their network update or something. Got better service in 3 months. Had complained and gave me 2 free months of mobile Internet. :-)

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