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Thread: new 3g phone what firmware - says activate

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    Default new 3g phone what firmware - says activate

    I have searched the site and can't find an answer to this.

    I have a new iphone from ebay. Phone just says no sim - connect to itunes to activate.

    With working sim from my 2g phone it says activate with itunes

    Now, I would use quickpwn (as i have done with my 2g) but I have no idea what the firmware is on this phone

    I've tried the 3000 12345 to get to field codes but presume this only works with 1.1.x version

    So how do i work out what firmware to pwn to ?

    If phone is running 2.2 then i can quickpwn which will unlock and jailbreak, but if its running 2.2.1 then obviously i have the issue with can't unlock.

    I bought the phone on ebay so can't tell if this was issued with 2.2 or 2.0 or 2.2.1 and as phone asks for activation i can't get at settings to look, so

    how can i tell what version of firmware when its asking for activation and can't therefore access settings ?

    Many thanks


    Ok looks like I'll have to answer my own post.

    I can't find a way to get into the phone as it asks for activation via itunes. Itunes has 3 options
    1 activate
    2 setup itunes account so you can get apps etc
    3 add stuff to phone/ ipod

    as 2.2.1 is the latest but problems with the baseband uploading to 2.30, and if the phone is running 2.2 from the factory, which obviousy I can't tell. What i need is a lookup on the serial number that says when it was made.

    Anyhow used quickpwn to take the phone to 2.2 and that worked, it activated, jailbroke and unlocked the phone.

    Lucky though, but just a guess that the phone didn'y yet have 2.2.1 loaded from the factory so was an older phone, or perhaps even older with 2.0.0 but the 2.2.0 quickpwn on windows worked
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    You are lucky. For future reference you can determine which firmware, and baseband you have by going to Settings/General/ About . Scroll down to "version" that is your firmware and Modem Firmware is your baseband.

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    Ah !
    Thanks for the info, but problem is you ca't get to settings to look this up, as I initially said.

    The iphone just has the standard activate screen, with the picture to connect using usb lead to itunes, there is no way to actually get to the settings icon, so your - for future reference won't work.

    Problem is that to get rid of the activate screen you need to activate it, and to activate it you need winpwn or pwnage and you need to know what software is installed. You could go for the 2.2.1 (ie lates release as of 5th may) but that will update the baseband and your unlock is gone.

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