I got a Gevey 3G SIM Adapter Plus 2

It was working fine, then my friend complained about not being able to hear me. I figured it was my bluetooth, so I used just the phone.

I then restored my data from my 2G onto my 3G using iTunes. I put it in airplane mode before hand, but halfway through, it switched off..

I then called him back and he couldn't hear me.

I put another SIM in the 3G and put mine back in my 2G.

With the SIM that is currently in, it sounds fine for a while then it'll cut out. It does that with Bluetooth, Headset or the Phone.

When I put my personal SIM in, it doesn't even detect it..

Both SIMs are about a year old.

I'm thinking the TurboSIM is bad? Seller won't replace.

Also, i compared my Gevey3gPlus2 to the one on Geveys site, its the exact same (geniune) but has 2 black dots (not on any of the traces tho...)

Any idea?

any idea of a software unlock? I hate unreliable crap..