I thought that I would share with everyone my experience trying to get my iPhone 3G unlocked after I did the silly thing of moving country! (Silly because I expected that I could take my belongings purchased out-right with me)

Basically after purchasing the device from O2 without a contract mid-2008 I figured that I would have an uphill battle keeping it working when I was planning to move. In short after a reading a few things I took the plunge and picked the "slightly less dodgy / scamster looking website" Any-Network.com (I think I could have done worse.

I ordered the V2 device and in short the first one received didn't work, after eventually getting through to the phone support I was sent a replacement which did work! 3G data, voice, SMS, etc all worked find when connected on the Rogers network in Canada.

Unfortunately I recently moved again to Australia this time, and after initially testing the device without issue on a friends Telstra SIM, I then went ahead and purchased an Optus SIM (better data packages), unfortunately it all went sour from there. The device stopped working entirely, it now doesn't work with any SIM not even my original O2 sim that works otherwise without it. It seems that my fat fingers (or shoddy manufacturing?) have caused the device to fail.

So now I have been researching again and after reading the numerous posts about AnyNetwork as well as Rebel and Gevey I'm not sure if I should bother getting another one.

Now that it has just about been over 12 months since I purchased my iPhone I next am going to try to actually call O2 and ask them to unlock it. Alas I think that would be far too easy!

Otherwise I might just try calling Optus / Telstra here and see if I can pay them $80 / $150 to unlock my phone, apparently you only need to provide your name an IMEI number, so who knows?

Failing that if anyone could recommend an Australian distributor of a genuine ***SIM then that I guess that beats paying $900 here to buy another iPhone outright.

PS. Before you suggest it, yellowsn0w is not an option, firmware 02.30.03 (upgraded after becoming complacent with the once "working" crack) and 5.9 bootloader.