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Thread: My iPhone 3G Is Not Supported All Of A Sudden

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    Default My iPhone 3G Is Not Supported All Of A Sudden
    i have had no problems with my 3G (on T-Mobile) since yellowsn0w was released months ago...until today. i'm still on firmware 2.2 and baseband 2.28.00.
    i recently ran a program on my computer that cleans out left-over garbage in my pc's registry as well as all software's history. for the first time since i ran that software, i plugged in my iPhone to sync it, and ran iTunes (v 8.0.2)and it asked me to locate the iTunes library. once i did that, iTunes shows me the "SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported" error message. this iPhone has been jailbroken and unlocked since January without any problems before. i have tried syncing with airplane mode on and off with no luck. i have not updated iTunes or firmware, so why would iTunes be giving me this error? for the record,

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    try taking out and putting bk in the sim and then sync see if it helps.
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    nope. that didn't do it.

    i should also mention that the phone is working fine and i have full T-Mobile service.

    i can't imagine what would cause this on iTunes end all of a sudden.

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    i believe it might be something to do with, having to locate ur library, and itunes not recognising the iphone as a part of that library, so in other words the info about ur phone was lost when cleared out ur registry
    u might have to set up as new, if u cant get it to work any other way

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    Don't panic. First thing people do is flip out. You notice that trend around here and other iphone sites?

    "ZOMG! ***ORZ ON MY L33T IPHONE!" and stupid stuff like that.

    First thing to keep in mind. DO NOT update your phone. Just very calmly try and work through all the possible solutions. First would be to just re-associate your phone with your library. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure you can just wipe the phone, re-jailbreak and unlock it and you're gold. I know its a pain in the *** process but it should work. If you want to make sure you dont update your phone disconnect from the internet on both the phone and PC.

    Hell... try even restoring it from your previous back up. I'd personally try that first.

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