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Thread: Big Problem

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    Default Big Problem
    So here is my situation.

    I own an 8gig 2G iphone. I dropped the phone in the toilet. When I pulled it out, it wasnt working...of course. After an hour, the phone turned back on but the it was stuck in DFU mode and I couldn't get it out. Panicked, I reset my phone not knowing about baseband 2.30.03.
    Now I'm stuck with a phone that is locked. I tried to put in my friends sim card who is AT&T and the iphone said the sim card was PIN Locked. The phone will only stay on the slide for emergency screen. It wont let me do anything.
    I know that new program to downgrade 2.28 so you can unlock your phone.
    Can anyone help?

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    If its a 2g iphone like you stated, then yes you CAN unlock it with either Pwnage or quickpwn.

    And if you dropped it in the toilet I suggest cutting it off and letting the insides thoroughly dry for at least a week....or your probably going to permanently fry it.

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    I have gone through the process of both quickpwn and pwnage. When I do a restore I get error 21. Unless I'm missing something...Its been about 2 weeks since I dropped it in the toilet.

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    Well, then your missing something....but if you want help your gonna have to spill out exactly what your doing, or have done.

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    More Information = Better Answers/Help

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    alright. well ill start from the top
    After the phone dried up and was stuck in DFU mode, I reset the phone to factory settings. I was unaware of the baseband update to 2.30.03.
    After it was restored to factory settings I tried to unlock the phone using quickpwn. In the middle of restoring with my custom ipsw the restore would stop with error 21. So the phone was not unlocked with the home screen stuck on slide for emergency saying no sim card installed insert a valid sim with no pin lock to activate iphone. My friend has AT&T so I tried to use his SIM card so that I could jailbreak the phone and downgrade the baseband. When putting in his SIM card, the itunes said it was unable to activate the iphone due to the SIM card being PIN locked. I took that sim card and put it into my girlfriends iphone to go to settings >phone> sim card and unlock the sim. It wasn't locked. and that is all i've done so far.

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    If you trying to install a custom IPSW then your not using quickpwn......your using Pwnage.

    This is what you'll need to do in order for itunes to be error free, you must follow these steps EXACTLY.

    1. Run QUICKPWN........follow the steps like you normally would, at some point quickpwn will have you place the phone into DFU mode and when quickpwn ACTUALLY STARTS.......


    If done properly, the iphone's screen should remain white.

    2. Now, go to itunes and shift-restore to your custom firmware, should install with no errors now.

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    It worked! You're amazing! Thank you so much. Seriously, I'm so relieved that it's fixed.
    thank you thank you thank you!

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    Your welcome, dont be a stranger

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