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Thread: Jailbroken Iphone 3G - How can i unlock it for tmobile???

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    Default Jailbroken Iphone 3G - How can i unlock it for tmobile???
    Okay here's the deal. I bought an iPhone 3G. It was in restore mode when i got it.

    So i retored it on itunes, and then jail broke it using quickpwn.
    Now how can i unlock it to put my tmobile sim card in it?

    i removed the sim card, and put my tmobile one in it, and the phone did lock back up, it just has no service when i try and call.

    here is some of the info on the phone displayed in settings - general - about

    Version - 2.2.1 (5H11)
    Carrier AT&T 2.9
    Model Firmware 02.30.03

    I downloaded bootnueter from cydia, and yellowsn0w and nothing.

    What do i need to do, or buy to make my iphone work for tmobile?

    I willing to donate to or donate to anyone who helps me..

    Thanks in advance.

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    02.30.00 isnt unlockable, YellowSn0w is only for baseband version 02.28.00

    Either you need to buy a sim-adaptor or check out a thread on here for downgrading your baseband BUT it only works under certain circumstances, read up....if you cant you can ONLY use a sim-adaptor.

    Search for downgrading the baseband.

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    Thanks for your reply

    Where can i get a good, legit sim adapter?
    can you list some of the sites where i could guy one?

    Thanks in Advance

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    You can find sim-adaptors all over ebay. But as Im not unlocked, you'll have to do a little research to see which one is compatible with your FW and Baseband versions.

    If you look through the unlocking forum here, Im sure theres also threads about which works well and which doesnt.

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    im having trouble following all these directions on these fourms on how to downgrade from 02.30 to 02.28, so i could unlock my iphone without having to but a sim adapter.

    Can any please help me and clarify each step, and guide me through this..

    Thanks in advance


    okay i just found out my bootloader is a 5.09
    so what are my options??
    sim-adapter?? can anyone please help me look for a good one?? a good one that will work with the 02.30 and the 2.2.1 firmware

    Thanks in advance


    i was looking up some sim adapters and i came across Unlock iPhone 3G - Instant Unlock any iPhone. Incl 2.2.1

    is this a good sim adapter that works? any heard of it? it says it works with the 02.30.03
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    I dont about that sim adapter but i have a i-Smartphone Sim works like a charm when i first installed it i had a bit of trouble but its been almost 4 weeks no problem, no lost signal and internet works fine. And i bought it on ebay for 4 bucks but be careful

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    For using sim adapters, do i need to jailbreak my fone???
    Mine s also running on 2.2.1, 02.30.03 BB...

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    any unocked phone needs to be jailbroken. jailbreak bypasses activation which u need no matter what u do without at&t
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    waitin on my white iphone 4

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    Thanks so much... I've been searching for this answer... Cos whenever i use the sim adapter, it says 'different sim detected' though i get full signal bars...
    So first thing i need to do is jailbreak it using quickpwn... cool....
    One more question... do i need to restore it before jailbreaking it???
    my fone is already activated via AT/T sim...

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    a 3g iphone on 2.2.1 baseband 2.30 can be used with e turbo sim with or without being jailbroken... i currently use the gevey plus 2 turbo sim and have NOT had any issues so far

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