Hi everyone,
I had a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone i was using with T-Mobile for the last 2 months. Everything was fine until this morning when display of my iPhone suddenly stopped working. The display was locked (i have auto-lock set at 4 min) and "slide to unlock" didn't work at all. I was still able to receive a phone calls, but not to place one (since i wasn't able to unlock the display)
I tried everything, or almost everything. Tried to turn off the iPhone - couldn't do it, because "slide to power off" is not working (since there is something wrong with the display). I tried to reset the phone - again no luck.
Than i restored the iPhone in 1.1.1 and tried to follow the instructions here - http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=28789
got to the point of Acrivation page - and still can't do anything because i can't slide "slide for emergency"

If anyone ever had such problems or someone knows the way how to fix or at least explanation of what happened - i will be extremey grateful

And no, i didn't drop the phone, didn't break it or anything. Last time i actually placed a phone call myself was today morning
Thank you in advance