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Thread: firmware 1.1.1 release soon? break unlocks?

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    Default firmware 1.1.1 release soon? break unlocks?
    what do you guys think about the anticipated 1.1.1 release of firmware -

    Read Story here

    is there any other news on this?

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    meh, nothings forcing anyone to update anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben8jam View Post
    what do you guys think about the anticipated 1.1.1 release of firmware -

    If you're worried, then assume it will break everything, and wait for others to prove this theory wrong.

    Plenty of folks will be posting when it hits, no reason to be first in line till the dust settles.

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    if you already have an iphone with 1.0.2, then what are you worried about?

    its the people that will be buying with the new software already installed that will be having problems
    I am the MacBook Pro

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    Hi.... What happen If I buy an iphone tomorrow and before I make the part #1 of the manual to unlock, apple relesed the new firmware, there is a way to have the old version in my computer and when I want to "mod myiphone" I dont new the itunes with his new firmware????

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    Hi guys!

    I just bought an iPhone in the Apple Store and I will have it home by tomorrow. Actually I am from Spain and a friend of mine will recive it tomorrow in USA.

    I am a little worried about the firmware update. I unlocked a phone using your method with firmware 1.0.2 and no problem.

    Is there any other way to put the 1.0.2 firmware in the phone without restoring it in iTunes??

    Thanks a lot!

    Update: Sorry the question have been just made a little up....

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    whatever, i'm not worried. there are plently of ppl on here and around that know what htey are doing when it comes to hacking our phones. I'm sure that within hours they'll have things solved and back to normal as with other updates. Woot Woot for making our phones better

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    I'm not 100% sure.. but yea, i'd assume there are several ways to downgrade to 1.0.2... as long as you have the download... and there are programs that will DL it for you, right?

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    i've been meaning to ask this question for a while, but it's so simple that i'm embarrassed. at any rate, does "unlocked" = "free from AT&T only" or does it mean "modded in any way?"
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    unlocked means the phone is free from the cell provider that the phone is "locked" to. In this case, its AT&T

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    I was wondering if apple pushed back the date for the latest 1.1.1 upgrade, to incorporate things that might mess with the recently unlocked phones. Im sure att wouldnt mind.

    They could probably do that everytime an upgrade is done.

    For the first time, I dont have to worry about anything.

    Time will tell.

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    If only it were still this easy.

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    Holy crap old thread. Been here nearly as long as me.

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    Ahh, I remember 1.x.x days.

    And wow it wasn't waldo this time pulling threads from the depths of MMi.

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