Before I picked up this phone from a relative, the display turned on and off using the sleep/wake button just fine. The phone always booted into recovery mode (Itune logo and USB wire). After I brought the phone home, I used winpwn 2.5 to unlock and jailbreak it. I saw the winpwn pineapple recovery logo on the screen, but it stood there for a long time.

Then I proceeded by disconnecting the USB cable, reset the phone, and it turned on in recovery mode again. After that, I used iTune 8 to restore the firmware, but it gave an error 1604 message. The phone reboots itself, but nothing showed up on the phone's LCD screen.

I put the phone in DFU mode, then I tried to restore it with the latest 2.2.1 firmware. The phone boots itself in normal mode, showing the apple logo, the progress bar, and then it froze.

I put the phone back to DFU mode again, restored it with the latest firmware, but it got stuck in the final stage, and eventually spit out error 1002 after a long period of time.

Ever since, the LCD display stopped showing the apple logo during the boot process, or anything on the screen for that matter. Now every time I try to restore the phone using the latest firmware, iTune gives up in the final stage with error 1002.

I used xpwn to create a custom firmware without unlock, baseband 3.9 and 4.6, and force baseband upgrade options, the phone accepted the custom firmware perfectly fine. However, the phone's LCD problem still persists. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!