This is the story I purchased the card took my T-mobile Sim Joined them together inserted in to Iphone 3G 2.2.1 waited 2 minutes everything came up fine strong signal. 40 minutes later I came to my friends house took his T-mobile sim inserted in to my phone with the same Gevey turbosim card i previosly used with my sim card and i placed a trial phone call I was able to place a phone call but showing my phone number not his (remember his sim is inserted not mine) next thing I removed Gevey adapter took his sim inserted back to his original phone and dialed trial call same thing happened his sim called with my phone number. So from this i understood that Gevey adapter learned my sim card and doesn't want to accept anything else and it overrode his sim card not it thinks its my sim card some how. Question how can i reset Gevey adapter?