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Thread: Italian "unlocked" iphone 3G's - upgrading disable "other" carriers?

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    Default Italian "unlocked" iphone 3G's - upgrading disable "other" carriers?
    Still pondering getting an iPhone 3G from Italy, as I want to continue using my T-Mobile (UK) sim, and after having (still have) a 2G and having to do the unlock/jailbreak proceedure every time I upgrade the firmware, I really can't be arsed waiting for unlock cracks to be done for new firmware - so much easier to just stick my T-Mob sim into an Italian iPhone 3G and have it function as it would if it were on O2....

    However, a thought just crossed my mind;

    YellowSnow is needed to unlock the baseband on the iPhone 3G, which keeps getting relocked by Apple with new firmware, hence it needing to be cracked again...

    How is the baseband different on the Italian iPhone's?

    Would upgrading the firmware on one of these, on a computer in the UK registered to me, an iTunes user in the UK, lock the baseband of an Italian iPhone?

    I would still want to jailbreak it, to use the apps I have grown accustomed to, how would this affect the baseband for an "officially unlocked" iPhone?

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    From what I understand, upgrading will NOT relock it.....because Apple unlocked it to began with. Thats the difference, Apple did it Seems like they know a trick

    And jailbreaking has nothing to do with the baseband.

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    I thought as much, but never hurts to ask!

    And I know jailbreaking doesn't affect the baseband, I only mentioned it as I know there are two different jailbreaks for the 3G at the mo - one for 2.2 if you DO want to unlock, and one for 2.2.1 if you DON'T, and I remember one of the updates saying do not jailbreak at this time as it could render the phone un-unlockable for ever (possibly)

    Again, never hurts to ask

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    ^Well, ok....sorta. Yeah you can use Pwnage to upgrade your 3g and choose not to have the baseband upgraded in doing so.

    Same jailbreak...just a different option Or using quickpwn to jailbreak which wont give you the choice.

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    But neither of those would have any affect on an Italian iPhone tho?

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    Well, they'll jailbreak it

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    I have an iPhone from Italy unlocked by Apple and have no issues upgrading as it remains unlocked. Using quickpwn to jailbreak with no problems whatsoever.
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